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Binance Finance

The Times reported that those calls that our phone company can’t block, from scammers are occurring because our phone numbers have been traded on communication apps like Telegram.

I joined the Binance UK Telegram group and had quite a good experience overall.

Group members weren’t supposed to message each other directly. So even though I received some direct messages I deleted them and blocked the senders. The group was fairly upbeat with over 17,000 members. The chat was partly banter, and also people requesting advice about how to use different settings such as viewing in your preferred currency. A few conversations about people who had a security issue or lost money or needed some help setting up backup verification.

It was a good way to understand the sentiment of the cryptocurrency markets and many users were posting target prices which they wanted to suggest were possible or realistic buy or sell targets. There was a cute conversation where some members decided they will buy a sandwich lunch for someone who is begging due to poverty, as the individual made a profit that day on their crypto.

I was thinking about buying some Binance branded merchandise from eBay, to share my enjoyment of the platform.

Do you think the Telegram app is the source of our mobile phone numbers being used for spam calls?

Not once in my experience on the group did the conversation move to, ‘trading stolen phone numbers’.

Maybe its someone else’s group. I enjoyed my time on Binance UK Telegram. If it’s your interest, I’d recommend it.

How to get rid of Happy Mondays – permanently

Did you know that you can permanently get off the list of Reed Happy Monday find work emails???

  • Find a job on Reed and apply
  • Get past all the vetting and checks
  • Someone at Reed forgets the job isn’t live
  • Job gets indefinitely delay
  • Ask Reed to pay me anyway
  • Reed decline
  • Reed discontinue ever contacting me about a ‘Happy Monday’ to find a job
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What is Ragnar Locker?

person wearing vr goggles
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Unfortunately it isn’t a special level on your game which you achieved by being awesome….

Its a high threat cyber security attack, aimed at stealing your client and employee data, through an initial compromise of security and then further worming into your files. Followed by extortion requests for money to have the data returned, and if you don’t….then usually by your private company information being shared firstly on the dark web, and then more publicly.

I know some of my data was lost when I participated in the brushing reviews scam on Amazon, I didn’t really think about it at the time. But I still get requests by email and social media, despite ending that two years ago.

Resident Evil has been in the news as they were targeted by the Ragnar Locker. If you want to find out more, The Times has covered this gaming and IT security story. As well as other leading newspapers including online journals.

Hopefully the only locker in your life, will be the gym locker when things reopen, or the Amazon locker when you pick up your goods.

Remember cybersecurity and data breaches are very costly and although usually high profile companies are targeted, criminals are still active in searching for individuals information to try to mislead them into parting with money.

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