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Communication difficulties and winning companies during hard times

Two people I know, who face real, genuine difficulties, are also very difficult to communicate with. These people talk, and keep talking, without taking a break or pause to allow the other person to reply.

Being bombarded with endless verbal communication…

It’s really a challenge, and makes the listener want to get away asap.

Anyone else, know someone who has this unusual communication style?

Red River Flooding in North Dakota (high res)
Too much information, makes communication difficult to understand, like this pixelated map.
black car on garage
Cars seem so much part of society, like people feel they have no other option but to use their car.

And companies or charities, making huge windfalls in cash like oil companies, maybe they get you annoyed. Or charities which are just the right size with exactly the best policies, that keep getting too much of the money for their causes.

In my neighbourhood, the garages seem to be the best performing businesses in the area. Adding more vehicles to the area, and the later and later the revving of motors goes on into the night.

Making working adults more sleep deprived.

Charities with too much money and too many policies. I just don’t like them.

It’s really tough for grassroots businesses or start ups, and small companies to grow.

Makes me really sad, seeing how dependent we are on cars, and how these businesses are growing next to my neighbourhood where small children live and single parent households too.

I am having quite a difficult time, my job isn’t the easiest and lots of things aren’t just happening for me, and I have to deal with lots of sensory stresses everyday at home and at night.

Is anyone else feeling annoyed when businesses or charities seem to be doing so well, when other people are experiencing such hard times?

Job vacancy – Leisure Centre Operator

in 2011 to 2013 I had a part funded start up business as a sports and leisure coach. This involved having about three main employers which I worked for on a zero hours contract basis. I received New Enterprise Allowance from the Job Centre and there was a great sports development department at the council at the time.

Modelling the 2013 kit for GCB.

At the time, other business ideas seemed to be things like cupcake baking businesses.

I used to really enjoy sports coaching and I supported adults at the Bristol Active Life Project as a freelance coach in basketball, football, badminton and cricket. By 2014 in the summer, the extra help to keep my business on track had dried up and so I submitted my tax return with the small loss I finished with, and started another pathway as a retail assistant at Debenhams.

The Olympics was a great source of inspiration for me.
This is a video which covered the Street Cricket project I was involved in as freelance coach.

Grant Funding Online

I’m really interested in learning how to improve my writing. And how funding applications are written.

This is a database where you can browse Philanthropy

Philanthropy consists of “private initiatives, for the public good, focusing on quality of life”. Philanthropy contrasts with business initiatives, which are private initiatives for private good, focusing ..

I was looking into how to find funding for the city centre of St Pauls or even for community groups I am in touch with.