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Superkey’s fashion 101

What is the work from home job? I found a steady stream of eBay buying and selling, helped to pass the time, meet new friends and change up some of…

Female role model -rihanna

Where dem bloggers at, where dem bloggers at Where they at, where they at, where they at? It's ok, I'm still writing about you Ri Ri. With my new black…

Wonderwoman 2 – Mucho Mucho Amour??xx

I feel like a strong independent woman when I listen to this 1984 Blue Monday Trailer, even though I'm a man.

24 hours to open a shop….!

Anyone else doing some 24 hour projects. I gave myself the challenge to learn Esty in 24 hours. I got about 8 items listed and had a try at modelling…

Weekend Browsing

What else to do this weekend than browse for a bargain on eBay the place where you can buy virtually anything.

eBabe’s Glamourous Sale available in UK, Scotland and Wales

Collect in Person (from Bristol) Party Dresses Vintech (Vintage Technology)… starting bid at £1 and Parts My family have been helping me and my neighbours were helping me with my…

Standing on a chair annoys people

Standing on a chair annoys people. The first time I remember standing on a chair to say something was at David Lloyd where I was starting a new job working…


Just how good is Instagram marketing and what can you expect a year after your campaign? I caught up with a fellow photographer who I met through my Instagram posts…

Whereabouts of Banksy discoveries

Unfogging some headspace to do some work on my goals. Plus a friend took some photos which weren't me doing a selfie, do you remember the days before selfies???

The best graffiti selfie in Bristol?

Branding is so important today and my brand values include personal wellness.

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