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Harry Potter, vader choses james

Following on from part one….where Snape revealed to Harry Skywalker that they are father and son….

Snape was looking over at Harry with his broken glasses eating his cheese on toast. Snape thought to himself, ‘what a boring child I’ve inherited, and doesn’t he know that Specsavers can fix this type of thing’. Harry was eating very loudly. This annoyed Snape who thought ‘its going to be another five years before this young child is the fearless wizard who defeats the forces of evil’.

As all adults know… the characters in Hogwhizz have the possibility to change forms, and change their minds.

“Harry,” said Snape…

“Yes dad” Harry replied.

“I’m not your dad in fact, it was a silly story I made up because I wanted to see how strong your mind is,”

“Oh” said Harry, then “oh!” as he found himself back in his cupboard under the stairs at Uncle Vernon’s.

Snape swished down his tea and decided to take the good of what he’d gained from the fathering idea, and changed his appearance into Darth Vader.

He swanned around the castle for a bit, and then transported himself to L.A in the 1970s where he found 007 sunning himself with a few scantily clad ladies on a film set.

“James!!” said Snape (whilst looking like Darth Vader)

“Hullo Mr Vader” said James, “Aren’t you supposed to be in the filming unit at Beverly Hills?”

“James, I’m your true father,” said Vader (who was secretly amused and Snape).

“Oh, right…” said James. “Today I’m shooting villains and flying in the helicopter, then finishing the day with a double martini”.

“Excellent … that’s a much better son” thought Snape appearing as Vader.

And off they went chasing baddies whilst breathing loudly and swigging martini.