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Successful crisps winnings

Literally won about 12 packets of crisps, Guniness Flavour

My mum says it doesn’t matter how many jobs you apply for before you get one. You don’t have to tell anyone.

My dad says I haven’t found anywhere I want to work enough to really get a great job somewhere.

Existing between crisps winnings and agency work. I suppose it helps make life memorable and varied. The Guniness Crisps are quite tasty.

celebrating hardship

It’s easy to find a page or article where success in life or business is being magnified.

I really enjoyed listening to The Times Radio Podcast about Zeus Living which did very badly in the pandemic due its business model being the wrong fit for the pandemia – era.

How can we celebrate our achievements in adversity and the people we are when things are not going well?

Everyone was talking about Jamie until March 2020 when then everyone talked about covid instead.