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Ethics of Student Accommodation

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If I asked you to guess how much a year in Student Digs might cost I wonder what kind of number you would come up with?

Others charge a fortune for the location: Scape in Shoreditch, London , charges £25,500 a year (£500 per week for 51 weeks a year) for a premium studio flat — without the added extras. The maximum maintenance loan available to UK students is half that amount: £12,382.

Carers sacked for stealing in Bristol

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I want to unpack something that can become sensationalised or over simplified.

In Bristol the Council recently dismissed carers who were stealing benefits money from disabled persons who had recently passed.

But what are the more subtle ways disabled people are robbed from opportunities to spend their money?

  • Lack of financial appointees can make it hard for the disabled person to spend more more diversely such as ordering online if they can’t already do it .
  • Difficulties presented by reduced intelligence can make it hard for an individual not fall for marketing ploys of corporation like special deals in attractive in store displays
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What about the carers? In my last Council Tax paper bulletin our Mayor said that carers will be able to claim council tax reduction.

When I contacted the customer services at the Council I found this only applies to carers caring for family members in the same home.

I thought I might have been able to show employment record receipts to be eligible for a council tax reduction.

I didn’t go into depth to read the article but I want more to be done to support workers on low pay scale jobs and more support to help disabled people access digital learning if they wish to.