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Binance Finance

The Times reported that those calls that our phone company can’t block, from scammers are occurring because our phone numbers have been traded on communication apps like Telegram.

I joined the Binance UK Telegram group and had quite a good experience overall.

Group members weren’t supposed to message each other directly. So even though I received some direct messages I deleted them and blocked the senders. The group was fairly upbeat with over 17,000 members. The chat was partly banter, and also people requesting advice about how to use different settings such as viewing in your preferred currency. A few conversations about people who had a security issue or lost money or needed some help setting up backup verification.

It was a good way to understand the sentiment of the cryptocurrency markets and many users were posting target prices which they wanted to suggest were possible or realistic buy or sell targets. There was a cute conversation where some members decided they will buy a sandwich lunch for someone who is begging due to poverty, as the individual made a profit that day on their crypto.

I was thinking about buying some Binance branded merchandise from eBay, to share my enjoyment of the platform.

Do you think the Telegram app is the source of our mobile phone numbers being used for spam calls?

Not once in my experience on the group did the conversation move to, ‘trading stolen phone numbers’.

Maybe its someone else’s group. I enjoyed my time on Binance UK Telegram. If it’s your interest, I’d recommend it.