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Nutella – best ever chocolate when feeling emotiony

I was in the break room, toasting my crumpets and I thought, if I use abit of the Nutella it will be just lovely. Another co-worker arrived and I said I would pledge to buy another pot of the Nutella. However the jar was so empty I was scraping the last few cruds of chocolate sauce anyway. So I cleaned it out and put it out with some other recycling, even though other people thought ‘we don’t recycle here’ we actually do have a huge mega dry recycling waste crate which is sometimes mistaken for an extra bin.

I don’t know about you, but I’m finding the expense of food, travel really adding to the day to day cashflow burden.

When I have a day off, one of my favourite things to go and do, is have a Premier Inn breakfast. And of course, you usually are able to sneak one or two jam or Nutella samples home after your breakie.

My precious, Nutella, muh hah ha!
Do you have a go to snack?

Employee perks, it’s difficult to get them right. My vote would be free toast and fruit for staff who work as carers. What are your experiences of employee perks?

My favourite work break room song to jam too with my imaginary break room band.

Employee Benefits and Perks Explored

“Looking after your employees leads to countless benefits, including attendance, productivity, morale, reputation and retention. Not least, it will improve the happiness and mental health of your employees.” Creators of the AllDayDr

Getting myself set up with an Alldaydr profile at London HR Benefits Conference

AlldayDr remote consultation with doctors via a mobile application. The service allows users to receive prescriptions, fit notes and referrals to health specialists directly to their mobile devices. 
AllDayDr is regulated and accredited with the CQC and hold various ISO certifications. alldayDr is already an exclusive Online GP services provider for www.xexec.com and www.worldprivilegeplus.com who supply into 750 Corporate Clients plus, with an excess of 2.5 million employees across 150 countries. 

  • Employee Benefits Trials by Sophie include Perkbox, Gousto, Hello Fresh, Gruum, Home Delivery Beers
My trip to London to get the low down on the best employee perks