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Unlock your business potential with expert coaching.

I’m part of an entrepreneurship network called Women Mean Biz and We Mean Biz During lockdown I had the chance to meet much more of the network (through VIRTUAL meetings) and gain access to presentations by expert business coaches.

AboveBeyond Performance Coach Fenella

As we try to get back to work slowly as our government officials advise us …. perhaps this is a time you might want help from a business NLP coach.

  • Individual coaching available
  • NLP and team coaching available
  • Track record of satisfied customers.

It’s such an opportunity, if business owners want to… to seek experienced help getting back to work.



Maybe if we can get back to work right when it’s time, then we can become better businesses, professionals and deliver quality services sooner.

Superkey’s musings
A message from Philippa Constable of the business network groups.

Good Food Karma (Food Waste Prevention App)

If you are in London or Brighton download the Karma app. It enables you to locate amazing restaurant food which is surplus to requirements. Then you order your food at a fifty percent discount and collect within three hours.

My weekend in London score
Making London affordable
I love eating lush food and saving the planet 😃
Delicious cardamom sweet buns

I want a….OMG it’s actually here

I don’t know about you but alot of my prayers go like this:

  • I want a …….
  • I want a ……. I hope that’s 🤞🤞🤞 with you Lord
  • I want a …….. Can you help me to get it soon please……

Then suddenly you realise you are getting the answer to your prayer request e.g.

  • You’ve been praying you’d get some time away from work and your holiday dates are all agreed.
  • You were praying the noisy neighbours would have peace enough to be quiet and they move out.

Then, now that your prayer is answered you start to feel suspicious. And maybe even trapped!

The three new interns you hired might want to eat you alive!!!

Why did I ever start praying?