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One in many choices

sign with house number on wall
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I’ve often found it very difficult to commit to a decision, especially if it means I might have to let go of one of my options. Liking to keep my options open, or have options is a good back up.

Recently I have found it empowering to commit to a job as a permanent employee. After a few months I cancelled my other working commitments with temporary jobs.

Some people at work, say they can’t decide to commit or stay on a temporary basis.

I’ve really enjoyed my temping work over the years, its great for variety.

I’m appreciating the chance to go deeper, with my relationships at work, to understand each other better.

Committing to a permanent job is turning out to be a good experience, and a tough one, because you can’t just leave when it’s not your best day.

It’s good to commit to things, have you done a college course, or made a big decision like where to live or a change you went through? Feel free to put something in the comments, if you want to commit to it!

Use the money in case it goes past it’s sell by date!

Are you a spender or a saver? I try to have something to save, but I also love having all of my available money put to use. My mum showed me some ways I could maximise my money, saving on my bills by being organised and choosing how much to keep as a buffer, and how much could be employed elsewhere.

I work full time and have done for most of the last 9 years give or take a few seasons of sparsity.

I don’t envy folks on Universal Credit. They have no way to increase their income, it stays the same. As a worker you are able to do as much overtime as you can cope with. So often if you see the weekly outgoings exceeding income, well, then you do another short or long shift to top up.

I went to a few property and investing type seminars, even some business workshops. They told us not to think of money as a dirty word, and that you need to work with it, to get results.

One of my friends is more ‘live for today’, as she doesn’t think she’ll be here for ages, but she’s very strong minded too, so who knows, she may have more time to save for than she imagines. I like to prepare for tomorrow and do the best with today’s opportunities.

How about you?

A Magazine inside a Magazine —oooh!!!

I wasn’t sure what to follow up my last Matt Hanock article with, perhaps further investigative ideas on the CCTV contractors.

Then I found an article I submitted to my local area magazine stating that I find my inspiration for life from the very words Matt Hancock utters.

At least I didn’t get duped into painting some marketing images onto the student accommodation which has been set up here.

I don’t know about you, but given that having walked inside the university this year and been told the only thing open is a hotdesking study space.

I think they’d all be better going on an apprenticeship and staying at home!