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Superkey’s fashion 101

What is the work from home job? I found a steady stream of eBay buying and selling, helped to pass the time, meet new friends and change up some of…

Technician tips for an ebay home set up – mid volume

Another video blog from Superkey to show you how to get the eBay printer set up all nice. So that you can organise your postage labels professionally, with minimum time…

eBay – how to create your at home business in e-commerce

eBay selling, how to do it from a home setting such as your front room. What you will need and the time commitment. Why its a great side hussle.

eBay managed payments – explained

What I don't know, is what will happen about the extra 5 months you had with PayPal to chase up any disputes on orders. Which effectively meant users of eBay…

Very entertraining

What would you like to buy online, apparently many like vintage train sets.

eBay best and worst moments of 2020

Would you like to hear the highs and lows of a year on eBay??

Return of the scooter

Me and a friend were carrying this enormous box about 3/4 of a mile and I said to him.... 'we might be picked up by the police carrying this strange…

e-Scooter’s reviewed

I'm sure there's going to be a clamp down on this type of thing soon. Shame the Voi Scooters are so expensive and my data broke.....

Shut until Sold

Did you see the full signs appear in the window of your charity shop? Were they really full or could they not fulfil the requirements of quarantining goods effectively with…

Great team work, positive attitude for a winter uphill slog

How is Superkey getting on with the uphill slog of winter, recession and trying to get a start up going with only one's own resources?

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