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New to Newport

What I usually do is spend money in local shops and do lots of walking so I can program myself mentally about where I am.

I feel like the statue, looking around me!

Shopping from highest price to lowest price order:

Esso garage £16 for 5-6 grocery items, Local newsagent £5.50 coffee, sandwich and soap, Polish superstore bleach cleaning bottle, uht milks, yogurts, crisps and about the same price Lidl £13 on veg, fruit, snacks and meal in a box salad.

Favourite walk, across the Transporter bridge 🙂

Looking over to Newport city centre from the bridge
On the bridge

Was it easy to make friends? Was I able to keep up my eBay small business?

A hard working work mate who does care and support for adults with mental health and learning disabilities.

It is tiring having to think more about everything. It took me a long walk to reach a parcel box and I felt abit wobbly on day three at being away from my home. However the experience so far has been great and I am pleased to know Newport better.

Newport not ideal for quick shipping options with Royal Mail only about four parcel drops in the entire city.

Nintendo Switch Lite Reviewed

A pre-owned Nintendo Switch Lite

I was interested in trying out the portable gaming console which is the Nintendo Switch. Although given the price tag could easily stretch into £300+ for a console, I went for a used Lite version at £135.

I brought it from a Welsh technology reseller called Regenerate. 🙂

Through their sales page on eBay

And Argos had a two for £15 on Switch Games.

Some of the games to choose from at the budget end of the price scale.

The Zelda game is supposed to be one of the best all time Nintendo Switch Games, although not cheap at just under £50 new.