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Bristol, the Ukraine, Russia, Russell Universities and China

How many steps are we away from enabling defence research to be used by China in conflicts like the Ukraine. Probably three, four or so. Our University tops the rich list of beneficiaries from Chinese military linked university students studying in Bristol.

I helped a Chinese PhD student today learn how to catch the bus. When the 76 went past her. I said to her. You have to stick your arm out more assertively or even both… Like this.

Jury trial for Colston Statue Toppling

A 2019 TedX Talk in Bristol which references difficult statues and monuments in USA and UK.

This week the trial begins to judge the four organisers of the status toppling in Bristol.

We have a black mayor which is great for role models, although he also comes up with some unrealistic projects to focus on like creating a London style underground in Bristol.

I just want things to go well for our city, so it can continue to be a place where all lives are matter, and differences valued, not erased or over focused on.

My thoughts on true equality are helping people have a level playing field in life.

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Men and Women at Work

I don’t know if you ever experienced this.

A man turning up on the scene, and getting a much more senior job.

And after getting, what appears to be, an easier ride to a senior role, then I have to listen to him as if it sounds like this when he speaks.

Don’t get me wrong, I really care about many men in my life who I trust and respect (type Y). There also seems to be this other type of Man, maybe (type X).