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Strong Minded

One thing I have learned to be lately in strong minded. Although I come from a determined family.

I have somehow developed the ability so that I can force myself to do things I don’t want to do, to gain something I want.


I suppose when you succeed in doing something you didn’t think you could, it’s easier to believe in yourself.

Listening back to my podcast project, quite a lot of my audio tracks are about developing self belief

Achieving a goal as a team is another great way to develop resilience

e-Scooter’s reviewed

Empty shopping centres, almost an ideal surface for riding your scooter.

I purchased what I thought was a high quality e-scooter, then realised in Bristol we are only supposed to be using Voi.

In pretty much the same 48 hours I heard there was a new lockdown, so I decided to try the scooter help some fresh air and freedom.

I put on my helmet and apparently a look of pure glee and anticipation and took it for a ride.

Pros and Cons…

  • Mine seemed very well built overall.
  • It had lights which turned on every time it was on
  • Had three speeds: slow, moderate and a boost for uphills
  • Meant I could avoid the bus where I was worried that people weren’t opening the windows because of winter.
  • Downsides… the left red brake was an emergency stop
  • …the right brake was a very soft ‘steering brake’
  • Its more like braking with a car than with a bike

Undecided/neutral points

  • It takes around 4 hours to charge
  • The official hire Voi scooter costs 99p to unlock and 14p per minute
  • It will probably cost the same as catching the bus if I need to travel
  • My throttle needs repairing after 3 weeks of about 3 rides a week.

I might give it a miss for Christmas as I’m sure there’s going to be a clamp down on this type of thing soon. Shame the Voi Scooters are so expensive and my data broke whilst I was trying to check one out in the community. Doh!