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Sort out your life and your rice 😋

I actually really like Asian people, especially when the humour is this sharp. I guess for me it does push the boundaries of a stereotype. Just because he’s Asian will be expect a rice cooking lesson. What the hell his gadget reminds me of my CD player. Awh now I just want to cuddle him even though I’m lesbian. I’ll make room for him. I feel so bad for him. That was great rice therapy .

Let me read your cards

So here we have a set of cards let’s say it’s your life chances. Let’s list a few.
  • Where you live
  • How you were educated, where and to what extent you achieved through it
  • Your confidence
  • Your resiliance to bounce back
  • All these are often determined by your wealth.
  • I think we need to add another word into our equally debate and it’s about wealth and assets or money.
  • I believe with more access to education, and opportunities in work we might see a better represented workplace in terms of culture and communities.
An old MP3 I recorded around the time of a protest in 2019.

And I will try to fix you

Coldplay put out some great tracks around the turn of the millennium.

Spectacular performances

With everything that is wrong with the world lately. How do we go on a path to explore the healing of our own hearts, minds and spirits?

When you try your best but you don’t succeed. When you get what you want but not what you need. Then I will try to fix you

Still alive. Thankfully. 😇👻