Christian message confuses on the COV-19 front

Another American boo boo on wording around COV-19 but was it as bad as the disinfectant?

Salvation Army Employment Service Available

Support Workers ready to help, remote support for any adults needing a listening ear.

Should you probably run away from the 5 G

Is my mobile phone causing me cancer, a brain injury or other illnesses? When phones were newer these were questions we asked before they became our lives. It’s easy to blame stupid people for propagating outlandish theories, but the reality is these ideas only thrive in the absence of truth and understanding. These telecom companies have failedContinue reading “Should you probably run away from the 5 G”

Looking for ancient approaches to modern uncertainty with Supernatural Girlz

Hear a sample recording of my soul realignment work with Patrica from Supernatural Girlz.

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