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Where’s Charlie Dimmock, Craig Doyle and Christian Slater?

I remember saying to a friend that I’ve decided I’m gay. She replied ‘they don’t make men these days like they were in the nineties’.

Do you ever sit there wondering what to browse on your phone? There are some fascinating articles written about our past heart throbs from the nineties. And what has become of them!!!

Happy Birthday to ….

Happy Birthday Paul, you have made our lives better and so many others. We love you and your creativity, as well as the way you have inspired so many. xxx

Sophie Ellis Bexter goes Celebrity Spotting

The restrictions are easing and we have all got back into the car, or bus or onto a bike. With everyone whizzing around, you might have spotted a celebrity driving around your area, or maybe they were pulling out of a new housing estate. Its plausible in Bristol as you need a salary of around £50,000 to be able to afford the mortgage borrowing required to buy here.

I have spotted a celebrity today in Bath.

I saw Gwyntheth Paltrow in a Mini Cooper and she was driving out of a housing complex onto the main road.

I would have stopped to verify but with social distancing and that, I couldn’t.