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Successful crisps winnings

Literally won about 12 packets of crisps, Guniness Flavour

My mum says it doesn’t matter how many jobs you apply for before you get one. You don’t have to tell anyone.

My dad says I haven’t found anywhere I want to work enough to really get a great job somewhere.

Existing between crisps winnings and agency work. I suppose it helps make life memorable and varied. The Guniness Crisps are quite tasty.

My experiences becoming, or trying to, a care manager

  • Asked if I wanted to do my level 5 and I said yes.
  • Had a session where me and the other coworker studying were asked to evaluate our own learning styles.
  • My assessor visited me on site.
  • Another assessor drove miles to see me and said “a registered manager implements things”.
  • The assessor drives down but I was on shift an hour away and the office personnel told the assessor to go home.
  • My job fell through.
  • Tried to join a Facebook group about registered managers.
  • Was told am not allowed in the Facebook group.
crop accountant taking notes at desk with scattered coins
Photo by Dziana Hasanbekava on Pexels.com

What is your life goal?

I noticed many people in my network are becoming more focused on their life goals. These might include aspirations such as getting a job where their skills are used really well, or finding a home which suits their needs perfectly, moving into unknown or new adventures is a common theme.

Some people are thinking more about how good they want to feel with the acceptance and admiration of others, as we heal some of the emotional cost of separating ourselves to prevent the spread of the virus.

Perhaps the common objective is, 2020 and 2021 has made people more serious about things they wanted to achieve in their lifetime.

Why don’t you ask yourself, your friend or neighbour…. what their big lifetime goal is, you might be surprised that many people have one.