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Frustrated and overwhelmed by physical disability

In the last five years I have cared for three wheelchair users on a medium term basis and many other wheelchair bound clients.

One of my main struggles is feeling really angry when I get prevented from doing something or carrying out a plan or goal which is important to me.

Whilst this picture shows a working person as a part of group. When you lose your mobility such as the strength to stand independently, there are so many life limiting circumstances that occur.

I met some people who had cereal palsy, who used a chair for their entire lives, and others who had successful careers at Rolls Royce or even just average careers like in a casino.

Plenty of people with mobility problems have to face each day, knowing they need to reply on another pair of legs from a non disabled adult to help them with their daily lives.

And the frustration can become infuriating when someone deliberately or unintentionally prevents access.

I’ve been pretty angry in my life on many occasions and as a theme over recent years, and I have really appreciated hearing the stories of disabled individuals whom I supported when their goals were stopped or just the build up of small disappointments about things that were forgotten.

The Care Reform – A Carer’s Perspective

Plenty of companies available which support adults with disabilities 

Difficult/impossible to find work placements for adults receiving care

Too much medication reliance 

Not enough development of other strategies or coping mechanisms

Cost of training staff – internal staff

Cost of employing agency staff – external staff

If both, which group to focus on?

a team holding sparklers and having a celebration in the office
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a mother spending time with her daughter
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Trying to talk about things is like yelling into a vacuum
Many disabled persons like friendly, fun staff … could you be one?