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ali express @ amazon – a christmas store attempt

I see loads of adverts on YouTube, telling me I can make ten times the amount I buy items, on Amazon. So I decided to put it to the test.

I brought some electronic items from AliExpress for slow mail into the UK. Some of them have still not arrived. One attracted a customs fee as it was mistaken as tobacco.

I’m trying to keep a log of what has or hasn’t arrived. Then also I added the items to Amazon using seller central. I selected to fulfil the order myself. So far nothing has sold, out of 20 individual items being listed.

So far …. outgoings = 100% and income from sales = 0.

Has anyone else been trying the same thing? I would love to connect with you or your business.

Return of the scooter

Unfortunately after just short of a month test riding the e-scooter it needed a repair on the power up control. Thankfully after a week of explaining the problem to the eBay seller, they agreed to offer a return and refund when it arrived back to them.

Me and a friend were carrying this enormous box about 3/4 of a mile and I said to him…. ‘we might be picked up by the police carrying this strange large box’…. maybe they will stop us and ask what we are doing. He replied despite the BLM push to stop a more diverse range of suspects, that he still felt it was unlikely we’ll find any trouble.

As we arrived at the UPS drop off news store, the owner said we’d brought it there on the wrong day. Ohhhh no! Fortunately the owner agreed on this occasion to take the box, as I explained we had heaved the thing about 40 minutes and had no car.

My next move will probably be an electric bike, if I can afford one. I think they are considered adequate as a vehicle on the road. I had mostly only riden on the roads, and so if I get a chance I will try to find one….. or a road bike.

This one has gone back to Poland for a repair. If you are for leisure or moderate user of e-transport, I can give you the seller details. I thought they were perfectly ok to do business with.