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Bristol Protests – What you say on what social media differs

Let me explain my rationale… …. I have seen the posters, with a mobile number, no telegram group mentioned. These people aren’t web developers are they?!

Climate Emergency 2019 Protest March Bristol City Centre

Was headed to town to meet a girlfriend for a coffee, when I spotted the march for green issues. I took the opportunity to film the crowd as the procession…

Bristol – dispirited and dispersed

This news article a year ago shows the stark realities for adults, similar ages to me, who cannot get themselves settled into housing or long term stability.


Peace comes from within and without. How do we cope when our external environment is being disrupted by hard to ignore developers?

Love from your back pocket

Is Adam from Maroon 5 right to publicly endorse lighter legalisation around use of marijuana? What do you think?


Just how good is Instagram marketing and what can you expect a year after your campaign? I caught up with a fellow photographer who I met through my Instagram posts…

Carers sacked for stealing in Bristol

I hope if you have an interest in the economics affecting the disabled community and those who serve them that you will read this article with an open mind.

Whereabouts of Banksy discoveries

Unfogging some headspace to do some work on my goals. Plus a friend took some photos which weren't me doing a selfie, do you remember the days before selfies???

Let me read your cards

Let me check your cards and help you with your charmic energy reading.....🥰

Best of Bristol

Banksy put a new piece up only to find it was vandalised. I also like Weston it’s alright. Above a link for a property available for sale known to me…

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