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Where to go to get some more ideas for what next

The pros of city living include existing friendship network, known travel routes, nearby facilities. Cons are less privacy away from others, more compromise needed, less restful.

Maybe some cat conversations about what to do, will help.

Recording – the process of keeping an online diary

The Eastenders storyline showed younger women who were competing to make a photography exhibition. The theme was documentary pictures. Something from real life. Realism I guess.

It made me think, about Superkey’s Web… my blog, its about me, and what I’m thinking about, and how my experiences are shaping and directing my life.

It’s cool, because with the use of tags and categories, I can link posts where I felt similar, or had particular themes.

Building our future

I’m having a few days away to rest and relax. I was thinking about how to build for a future which seems uncertain.

Things have changed quickly in the housing market, with prices inflating. This is a flat I looked at a few years ago in a quieter part of town.

In 2019 and 2020 I joined some developers networks and started this wordpress site because I wanted to learn skills like website design and blogging. 🙂