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How to score a goal

I don’t know what your childhood was like but for me I spent alot of time in the park playing goalkeeper and striker with my dad.

Football Striker Goalkeeper
zerpixelt / Pixabay

His favourite kicking technique was the banana or curved kick which had some top spin on it.

Football Sport Black White
microMarie / Pixabay

You’d kick the ball slightly off target to the right or left but the top spinning movement would cause it to dip unexpectedly into a far corner.

Let it go

Let it Go

Its raining in Bristol and I dash into one of the shops. I look around and notice people seeking professional or therapeutic help to resolve disagreements.

The retail staff from Xmas are losing their hours as shoppers experience the Christmas money hangover and aren’t spending. And it keeps on raining.

In fact, no one really knows what to do, whether to continue with their new year resolution or save money instead.

You thumb through the Yellow Pages and aren’t sure what will help the most. Do you need help fixing other people’s mess or strengthening your own ability to cope with stress?

Kerri, an American lady teaching about conscious creation

We don’t have control over other’s behaviour only over our reactions and by reducing the flare up of cortisol in the brain through Hypnotherapy we can respond more skill-fully to life’s challenges.

Orla Kirby https://almavalecentre.co.uk/practitioners/orla-kirby/

Employee Benefits and Perks Explored

“Looking after your employees leads to countless benefits, including attendance, productivity, morale, reputation and retention. Not least, it will improve the happiness and mental health of your employees.” Creators of the AllDayDr

Getting myself set up with an Alldaydr profile at London HR Benefits Conference

AlldayDr remote consultation with doctors via a mobile application. The service allows users to receive prescriptions, fit notes and referrals to health specialists directly to their mobile devices. 
AllDayDr is regulated and accredited with the CQC and hold various ISO certifications. alldayDr is already an exclusive Online GP services provider for www.xexec.com and www.worldprivilegeplus.com who supply into 750 Corporate Clients plus, with an excess of 2.5 million employees across 150 countries. 

  • Employee Benefits Trials by Sophie include Perkbox, Gousto, Hello Fresh, Gruum, Home Delivery Beers
My trip to London to get the low down on the best employee perks