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A word from Marvin Rees…. Mayor of Bristol




Last year Coldplay released their album with a choice not to tour due to environmental responsibility.

This song was one of my favourites last year and sums up so brilliantly something I feel the Black Lives Matters movement has sought to address.

Its going to be almost impossible to know what images to include in this article to convey the feeling.

The foxes in the music video are depicting under privileged, disadvantaged communities with lack of opportunities.

Let’s finish with this gallery image from London.
A track from my friend when I was in a bad place myself in 2010.

Let me read your cards

So here we have a set of cards let’s say it’s your life chances. Let’s list a few.
  • Where you live
  • How you were educated, where and to what extent you achieved through it
  • Your confidence
  • Your resiliance to bounce back
  • All these are often determined by your wealth.
  • I think we need to add another word into our equally debate and it’s about wealth and assets or money.
  • I believe with more access to education, and opportunities in work we might see a better represented workplace in terms of culture and communities.
An old MP3 I recorded around the time of a protest in 2019.