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Work Training Tips

I was sooooooo impressed with all this election excitement that I considered a sudden career change to work for the civil service. I found some very interesting jobs about some topics which I research a lot, like technology and the internet and 5G….

I wrote a speculative letter and to see if I could send my CV. They said I could try getting a young persons apprenticeship to learn skills for work. Although then I said ‘I’m 35 years old, so how’s that supposed to help me if I want to gain work experience?’.

The aim of the work experience for young people of the ASD spectrum was about learning skills for work.

In my 17 years of work, these are the skills I learned. And mostly the key is …. doing the right things but not too much.

Are you successful at work? If so, how did you do it?

My friend’s vision of me as a Civil Service Intern!!!

Looking for ancient approaches to modern uncertainty with Supernatural Girlz

I’d like to let you in on one of my support calls from Patricia my life and spirit coach. She has gained skills in ancient approaches to read the energetic values of our souls as we arrived on our planet.

In this short sample recording you will hear Patricia give me the first parts of my soul reading which amazingly showed up low energy in the area of discerning relationships. I waiting for an assessment for Asperger’s and how interesting that Patricia saw this in my soul energy.

But the good thing is, knowing the good, bad and more neutral aspects of my energy scores that I can use this knowledge to build up my resiliance in weaker areas. And know myself better so I can go further with the strengths I have such as my excitement for life evident in my premature birth ready for Christmas.

I’m looking to connect this work with clients in the UK who may want this soul realignment work so they can move forward in their lives in this difficult time.



Topic of Autism and putting the chapters together like a book.

A different view is developing, about Autism highlighting the prevalence in women and girls which can be harder to spot due to females learning to mimick social skills.

You can do an NVQ2 in Autism through Skills Network, I completed mine.


Re-assessing the condition by Sophie 

My first experience of mental illness was at the end of my degree when I didn’t seem to be able to make progress on the dissertation. I came back to Bristol to have some support from my parents. It was the first time I experienced a loss of identity, which was that I was no longer a student heading towards a great career in the entertainment industry. 

At home I later was given several diagnoses, a support plan which included mediation and I tried to resume my life by getting some manageable work opportunities.

Now ten years later I am exploring my own identify further and am on the waiting list for an Aspergers assessment through BASS. I don’t know what the outcome will be but with the research I have done I understand that there is so often an overlap in mental health and autism. Maybe I was struggling in my degree because I felt disconnected from my peers.

I reviewed opportunities to study in Bristol this year and courses have a lot more focus on wellbeing and student welfare. I even asked….’well when do you teach the course?’ I can look back at my experience with kinder eyes knowing that my university experience was one where very little was said to students about maintaining good mental health.

I included the topic of women and sensory stress at uni.

I hope anyone who reads this who is experiencing mental health difficulties can ask themselves these things: have I lost something that I identified strongly with (I may be grieving)?

Am I being too hard on myself? Have others let me down but I’ve failed to ask for what I need?

What can I gain from the experiences I have had in my life both good and bad?

What’s my next step? Write your OWN WordPress blog….