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Support for Ukraine – Art on Sale

Born in Ukraine and have been working as a professional artist for the last 10 years, ever since I graduated from UWE, Bristol UK. Painting has always been my passion, but I have also experimented with video installation, winning the Michael Barnard Award for one of my pieces. 


If you have been moved by the Ukraine situation and would like to be signposted to an artist, who I know, she is selling her art with proceeds to her family in the Ukraine directly affected by War. She is based in Bristol and any questions about shipping or her work please contact her or leave a message for Sophie at sophiecoopers@yahoo.co.uk

If you have an events space which would like to buy or hire the pictures, please make contact. Many Thanks. Preferably UK based, however we are open to suggestions for getting the word out there about this great opportunity to support an artist with family in Ukraine.

What is the cost of removing graffiti?

The landlord replied that I am due to have a replacement heating upgrade in 5 years although that was subject to them having the money to do this.

I decided to break down the cost of a common council call out which is graffiti.

Someone had done one tag.

I spent £25 on a graffiti removal liquid cleaner. £3 on a brush. £1.50 on sponges.

I gave it some elbow grease and without a water blaster progress was a little slow.

I’m expecting probably one or two more washes over it, maybe four to completely erase the graffiti.

So that’s half a pot of cleaning liquid, making it about £17 to remove it.