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Commander Bond

I went to see James Bond, have been excited about it for quite some time.

I have my tricks 

I am Bond 
Fond of blond 
I wave my wand 
And they can’t look beyond 

I have the license to kill 
I have the license to thrill 
I have the license to fulfill

I’m not going to say much except that I enjoyed it, my friends said not to spoil it for others by telling everyone who hasn’t seen it the plot.

I am an invisible spy 
I have the golden eye 
I drive an Astin Martin 
I carry a Walther PPK 

I crash Cars 
I bash Bars 

But not stirred 
My name is Bond, 
James Bond

What does Zero mean?

Reading a book about Hillary Clinton during the Obama era, it was amazing to see so many pictures of Biden as he was Vice President back then.

I do like the Clintons in some ways, she had to go through a fair amount of humiliation, although I think her passion for politics kept her going.

She said Putin believes in zero, if someone is winning some is losing. So if I have one, you have minus one. So there we have zero.

Climate net zero, doesn’t mean no longer making emissions, it means the emissions, plus possibly some tree planting outweighs our damage to the earth.

No cinderella but maybe she could be a good espionage detective in future bond films?