I have been using student trainee hairdressing services for near to fourteen years now.

Was just telling her City of Bristol College will do your hair and nails

When I went to university in Liverpool in 2008 I used to find it easier to cook for one as I’d buy individual portions of meat, cheese and fish from the local market. Then I’d finish up in Tesco’s with anything I couldn’t find… usually toffee yogurts.

One of my course-mates had a sister who was training to be a hairdresser and after a while I tried her out and went a couple of times to have my hair cut for free for very little.

Reflections Hair Academy is almost half boys now training to make men’s hair and beards fashionable.

In 2010 I was having a wobbly time and life was a little unsettled. I decided to dye my hair bleach blonde like Kurt Cobain or just to show a wild side. I very amateurishly added more and more boxes of whitening liquid to my hair as the roots started to show. It became brittle and I didn’t know what to do.

I went to the City of Bristol College training salon and they decided that to get it back to brown I’d need to have green then red put into the hair before a brown dye was then added.

It worked just about, and I was able to save myself from the indignity of growing the whole blonde out.

I wonder if she can help me get a role at the United Nations?

I’ve worked shift work since I left my Council job in 2010, the advantage has been that its easier to access training colleges which are only open in the week.

I guess we all used Supercuts. I found in 2018 the cheapest Supercut could be achieved by cutting your own hair at home, then going to the salon the next available day off and asking them to finish it. They said:

  • Do you want to look at the mess you made?
  • I’ll have to charge you a half tariff as you already did most of it.

I tried the SBSA College in 2017 and had some nice cuts which I had to sit for longer for. I realised it was quite pleasant talking to the trainees about their aspirations for the future.

This year I’ve used Reflections Training Academy three times. I have had shorter hair styles which is unusual for me and quite independent as for a long time I was doing what me and mum agreed. That was to have a ponytail for my retail work as its the practical option and not to expensive or difficult to maintain.

Now I enjoy the quiet mornings spent at reflections with the buzz of the classroom happening around me. I suppose I’ve come full circle. The trainee hairdressers remind me of my university course mates and I wonder who I would be friends with if I was ten years younger again.

Id probably be friends with one of the quieter members of the class who was misunderstood.

The good thing is that with the teacher always present you can be sure that it will get checked over thoroughly to make sure you’ve not got lopsided hair.

My final rating…. If you’ve got a spare morning (and thick hair like mine) it’s a good way to contribute to someone else’s learning whilst ticking off a wellbeing chore.