Here are examples of my amateur professional journalism. And features about me trying to explore a career doing what I enjoy best. Plus Web Design is quite environmentally friendly although not perfect of course 🙂

When I went to university in Liverpool in 2004 to study Arts, Music & Entertainment Management I didn’t expect to find that I’d finish up in a recession whilst trying to find my first job.

12 years later and I edit my own online magazine. Some of my healthy tips were included in DIVA Magazine in 2018. I describe myself as a writer, entrepreneur and adventurous woman. I love coming up with my next idea or even developing an existing one!

In 2010 I was having a second wobbly time and life was unsettled. I decided to dye my hair bleach blonde like Kurt Cobain or just to show a wild side. I added more and more boxes of whitening liquid to my hair as roots started to show. It became very brittle

I went to the City of Bristol College training salon and they decided that to get it back to brown. It worked out, just about, like many other things in my life which I had to face including finding work, discovering more about who I wanted to be and how to spend my time.

Why do women always get things done? Interested in household restoration on a budget? Let’s see if the top tip works by trying it!!!!

I stitched together a career included when I worked a repairs customer adviser at the Council job. In 2010 the business lean plan meant that I had less time to take calls etc and I had bit more time off again.

I tried the SBSA College in 2017 and had some nice cuts which I had to sit for longer for. I realised it was quite pleasant talking to the trainees about their aspirations for the future.

This year I’ve used Reflections Training Academy three times. I have had shorter hair styles which is unusual for me and quite independent as for a long time I was doing what me and mum agreed. That was to have a ponytail for my retail work as its the practical option and not to expensive or difficult to maintain.

Now I enjoy the quiet mornings spent at reflections with the buzz of the classroom happening around me. I suppose I’ve come full circle. The trainee hairdressers remind me of my university memories and I wonder who I would be friends with if I was ten years younger again.

I’d probably be friends with one of the quieter members of the class who was misunderstood.

The good thing is that with the teacher present in class to help the nervous trainee hairstylist so you can be sure that it will get checked over thoroughly to make sure you’ve not got lopsided hair.

My final rating…. If you’ve got a spare morning…. it’s a good way to contribute to someone else’s learning whilst ticking off an hour of wellbeing.

Update in 2020. I have cut all my own hair since about February. 🙂 In total about 4 -5 cuts completed myself with Morrisons large cookery scissors.

A friend in my 6th form who had one of the earliest iPods made a website detailing all his many hair washes when he grew super long hair. Thank you — for your inspiration for this page.