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UK money advice service

UK advice about the new government package approaching winter 2020

Housing – Housing Ombudsman

Introducing a copywriting specialist in Wales ….

‘The Pen is Mightier than the Sword’

Quality Proofreading and Editing Services from Helen at


  • Get your prescription and use websites like Glasses Direct to choose frames once you upload your prescription into their online form.
  • Dental – Floss every 48 hours with a tight tension on your flossing tape, remember its about scraping upwards inbetween the teeth gaps not pulling the floss down frantically to hit your gums. 🙂 Remember if you are right handed you will be better at cleaning your left side than your right so maybe..?? Swap hands when you brushx

Online Learning Trials or passes This is a complimentary trial of project management website software called

<section id=”preparation” onmouseover=”preparationHover()” onmouseout=”preparationNormal()”> if you want to know what that means then try Code Institute or Freecodecamp for improving attention to detail skills and focus/concentration ability.

Code Institute have been good to me and they offer a 5 day Coding Camp Trial if you want to find out if it is right for you. They are helping students work on their own website projects from scratch such as https:/ and you get access to their professional links and careers development support. 🙂
Screen shot and link to UCB and encouraging spiritual media broadcaster
My favourite free Christian inspirations magazine available online or by paper. 🙂

Shopping online

Tech is for women too… See the next three links for my homemade Amazon project called ‘Finding you the best products on Amazon which aren’t an Alexa or The Crown.’ Mainly because sellers wanting reviews send me lots of their product pictures, unless you accepted all these mystery friend requests you would not be able to find the product key words so to prevent any peer pressure of others having to join in I’m listing a range of products which I either reviewed or brought from my own browsing time online. 🙂


Outdoor gear

Great stuff I found during hours of browsing which is more unique than Broadmead

Fashion styles

– try them on for fit

Make use of your local tailor to take things up or in. Evaluate which styles suit your body the best. And don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

Mens ripped jean shorts size 30, perfectly fitting my sporty slim lower body.

It is ultimately also dependent on how the individual interacts with the topic. The value you get back is the time you put into the research”

That’s my personal philosophy
Growing up staying young

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