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I thought I’d write on food.

  1. When you don’t have enough of it and feel hungry
  2. If you can’t stop feeling hungry because of medication or boredom
  3. If you live alone and lose opportunity for the enjoyment of sharing food.
  4. Being burdened with cooking for others when you didn’t want to.
  5. Food being shared/eaten around you, when you aren’t able to eat (in some jobs).
  6. Allergic to food
  7. Allergic to your favourite foods e.g. coeliac/dougnuts

I find food functional. I know I need to eat a range of things to stay well, and less processed the better. There’s not much on the no list, but I try to follow the EatWell plate if you want a recommendation, or another for good luck … foods that keep you fuller for longer.

Heartburn and gastric burn can be really tricky to expel.

What People Say

If you are vegan you can end up with a higher risk of breaking bones if you don’t have enough protein intake.

Health news 23/11/2020

With Chocolate its not quality its quantity.

“With Chocolate its the quality not the quantity.”

Differing approaches to chocolate

I’m hungry please help, says the cardboard sign of a young person begging for money.

Someone gives them some food and then they hide it in their bag. (so sinister)

Bristol City Centre October 2020

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