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Another brick in the wall at college

Advice from 6th Form…..1) If you start smoking it’s really good because of the head rush but then after two months you don’t get it anymore. 2) Get an NUS card because you can change your birthday and get into pubs easier. 🤫

Such fun….all I ever wanted was to be a basketball referee for the Olympics back in 2011
From beginner breaststroke to 25metres frontcrawl in 2 months at Bristol University Pool.

Learning is cool. I taught myself how to pitch up a new side lamp.

University Swimming Accessories

Multi Dimensional Healing Path and Soul Realignment

Patricia is also the Vice President of Big Picture Agency, Inc. and the producer and host of the hit radio show Supernatural Girlz, where she interviews the best of paranormal guests worldwide.

Patricia Baker is a life coach with over 25 years experience in counseling, dream analysis and is the founder of the Multi-dimensional Healing Path.

She is formally educated and has Bachelors and Masters’ degrees in Sociology, and extensive education in dream work and symbolism.  Patricia also trained with indigenous medicine men and women and is certified in Soul Realignment.
Located in the Berkshires of Massachusetts, Patricia is available for sessions via phone, Skype or Zoom.  

Cost for a one-hour session is $150.

Patricia can be contacted at

“Patricia is a FORCE in consciousness, intuition and helping her clients get on the right path for a more fulfilling life.  I highly recommend her as a counselor, life coach and Soul Realignment practitioner. There is no one else I have come across who has the depth of knowledge and expertise in the multi-dimensions of reality. Working with Patricia promises a total positive change right down to your toes and is an investment well worth making.”  Sandra L.

“I am finally free of my anxiety!  It haunted me for years and interfered with my life on every level.  With Patricia’s expertise I was able to break the cycle permanently and embark on an entirely new, fulfilling life path.  I didn’t think this was possible and I even had fun along the way. Thank you, Patricia!” Kathy H.

“The Soul Realignment was like receiving a spiritual chiropractic alignment! It helped me understand more deeply where my strengths are to fully utilize and where some of my challenges are in this lifetime to be mindful of so I can learn from them rather than get entangled within them.

As a professional speaker, my session with Patricia has enabled me to stand stronger, speak more clearly and feel more powerfully my mission in this lifetime.
Patricia’s gift should be a gift you offer to yourself to allow your full radiance and Divinity to emanate and bless this planet.” 
Deborah W.


Twitter:       @supernaturalglz

Superkey says…. ‘Finding the right Life Coach is really important. Being able to have sessions by video call is good if you struggle to make appointments requiring transport. Working by video call enables the client to choose a therapist with the skills, techniques and approaches desired over and above just what is available locally.’

Topic of Autism and putting the chapters together like a book.

A different view is developing, about Autism highlighting the prevalence in women and girls which can be harder to spot due to females learning to mimick social skills.

You can do an NVQ2 in Autism through Skills Network, I completed mine.

Re-assessing the condition by Sophie 

My first experience of mental illness was at the end of my degree when I didn’t seem to be able to make progress on the dissertation. I came back to Bristol to have some support from my parents. It was the first time I experienced a loss of identity, which was that I was no longer a student heading towards a great career in the entertainment industry. 

At home I later was given several diagnoses, a support plan which included mediation and I tried to resume my life by getting some manageable work opportunities.

Now ten years later I am exploring my own identify further and am on the waiting list for an Aspergers assessment through BASS. I don’t know what the outcome will be but with the research I have done I understand that there is so often an overlap in mental health and autism. Maybe I was struggling in my degree because I felt disconnected from my peers.

I reviewed opportunities to study in Bristol this year and courses have a lot more focus on wellbeing and student welfare. I even asked….’well when do you teach the course?’ I can look back at my experience with kinder eyes knowing that my university experience was one where very little was said to students about maintaining good mental health.

I included the topic of women and sensory stress at uni.

I hope anyone who reads this who is experiencing mental health difficulties can ask themselves these things: have I lost something that I identified strongly with (I may be grieving)?

Am I being too hard on myself? Have others let me down but I’ve failed to ask for what I need?

What can I gain from the experiences I have had in my life both good and bad?

What’s my next step? Write your OWN WordPress blog….