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I'd like to suggest that 'control' has become the more coveted thing this last year or so. How do you feel about a sense of control of loss of control?

The love and not so love of student building programmes

Three years now of building sites on our road, and I really wish people could make progress on it. So that the communities who have put up with this can…

they are shutting down our facebook circles

There was an invitation to go to Facebook’s London office in 2019, I had it ping through to my account. I took up the offer and joined around 100 other…

Technician tips for an ebay home set up – mid volume

Another video blog from Superkey to show you how to get the eBay printer set up all nice. So that you can organise your postage labels professionally, with minimum time…

eBay – how to create your at home business in e-commerce

eBay selling, how to do it from a home setting such as your front room. What you will need and the time commitment. Why its a great side hussle.

Female role model -rihanna

Where dem bloggers at, where dem bloggers at Where they at, where they at, where they at? It's ok, I'm still writing about you Ri Ri. With my new black…

where to next?

How can our roadmap out of lockdown including closing the skills gap where many still lag behind on the technology available to change many social and economic challenges. And how…

team forehead becomes team nose

From asking lots of questions probably. I think I did that because I studied management and left university

Creating a stir with nigella

Following the now infamous awful incident at the Scotts restaurant, false allegations of drug use began circulating on a PR blog about Nigella in 2013.


Usually as we start a new year there's a sense of excitement, then by spring the new life emerging with nature and summer to be enjoyed.

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