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Best of London

A trip to London to see a show and to Madame Tussauds Wax museum

Another brick in the wall at college

I tried a lighting fixture from Amazon here's my how to install guide.

Multi Dimensional Healing Path and Soul Realignment

Discover the power of dream work, consciousness realignment and counseling.

Topic of Autism and putting the chapters together like a book.

Ok so sometimes I like being on my own re-ordering electronics and things into rows.....Does that means I have ASD?

Facebook HQ Rathbone Square

I received an invitation to Facebook's HQ did I go? .... Heck yeah!

Clicker (2006) – Film Review

Clicker is a film I’ve just been watching with Adam Sandler who discovered a universal remote control which gives him the ability to fast forward and click through his life.…

Benefits of being honest?

Mostly I try to be honest always, although I do realise the need for sensitivity and respect towards others. I’m learning and growing. I’d say there are probably three benefits…

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