The fear of the carer


‘An intern was writing up the directions for the Anxiety and OCD group for the weekend retreat and accidentally CC’d all the participants rather than bind copying. We have had to issue a public apology.’

An anxious charity which aimed to support individual’s mental wellbeing


‘There’s a genuine possibility that our service users could go up in flames if they continue to have this many creams (containing petroleum) administered to them and fabric softeners in their laundry. If they stood next to a match……I dread to think.’

Perplexed medication training expert at an agency group training.


‘There is no medicine or tablet available to give the client to prevent them from having the Coronavirus.’

A worldwide challenge pushes support and care past its comfort zone.

How to increase the strength of your Facebook shot

I watched a new feature film called The Social Dilemma which describes how we are the product of social media which is being sold to advertisers.

three round silver and gold colored coins
Photo by Marta Branco on Pexels.com

In 2019 I decided to click on many of the advertisers appearing in my Facebook Newsfeed. Including:

  • Code Insitute (offered a free trial coding course, then tried to sell a training plan in the region of Β£1,500. A face to face networking seminar was also held. But no refreshments provided). I invited my best friend and he said no.
  • Learn2Trade – I absolutely loved this free seminar where a pitch was given about becoming a trader of currencies and how I could sign up to a special opportunity for only Β£2000 in London to see what the Greg Secker this was all about. I went twice and invited my mum. My mum looked up consumer watchdog reviews which said most students lost their money on these courses.
  • Fielding Financial – I went to a seminar where we learned to run up to the front and pay Β£5 for a book which I can’t seem to shift on Ebay now for Β£6. After that I also tried a Legacy seminar on Property Investment which was similar expect that it involved running to the back to sign up for a Β£1000 or Β£1500 two day course in London.

Left to right, my friend Vik at Fielding and the joggers which some lady offered me a fiver for in 2020 on my Marketplace project. Middle the group of people being told to invest in property by giving their hard earned deposit to Legacy for some training. Right my favourite seat at The Mercure where I went to the trading course. Refreshments provided on the first session and not on the second. Which was confusing as I accidentally tried to eat food and drink “ordered for another group, now hands off”.

In 2020 through running a Marketplace shop to sell off most of the unnecessary stock of my life I met around 50 people I would never have met before. Some were interested in connecting online and most were up for a short chat which was fun.

That is true.

One more thing….my own self built two day training in London

The only thing to wrap up is …. if there was a Β£2000 to spend where to gamble it away……

  • Cryptofxspace
  • Hashnow.cloud
  • The one above sounds worse than it was, a hash refers to the electric rate which mines for the Bitcoin. And the first had a pretty blonde lady on LinkedIn who was the CEO, until all contact vanished.

1994 is gone but here is 1995

Anyone else started to see the date 1995 appear rather a lot in the value of the company you work for, the bank you hold your account with, the investment value which you put those rainy day coins into for 25 years.

This wasn’t even a new image I found, I remembered it from my childhood…seeing Mark Owen with Goodbye 1993 on his front and hello 1994 on his back.

Mark Owen of Take That in New York 1995 (Photo by Dave Hogan)

Can you believe this was our equivalent of celebrity BEFORE the world of Instagram.

I could probably recommend a song for you…and it won’t be James Morrison from my iPod circa 2011 singing Falling by Alicia Keys.



It was the funniest post I saw today on Facebook, but then I thought…. this is our predicament….we are in a position where we have to choose between the economy and the health of some folks who might suffer a bad list of complications from COV-19.

I read today that there is concern about whether the PM of the UK has recovered fully after his close call with COV-19 and hospital care.

I’m not in the position to describe a solution. I just wanted to cover this topic and say, as someone who tries to stay up to date with current information and guidance that I am worried about the new infections which are the same as in March.

Stay safe, stay sane… stay alert, stay updated, stay away from folks, stay sanitised, stay functional with sleep and cleaning, stay moderate with your daily plans.


Standing on a chair annoys people

Standing on a chair annoys people.

The first time I remember standing on a chair to say something was at David Lloyd where I was starting a new job working on the after school club.

The job was going ok then it began to be clear it was miles away and I kept being late. The person running the department was a lady with children herself and a car blah blah blah. One day I stood up on the chair and I said I don’t have kids and I don’t want to push a sprog out, so there.

It’s like whenever I post a picture of me stood on a chair, so you can see my whole profile, that folks want to push me off.



I don’t know about you, but lately I thought the content on this blog was terrible. I didn’t know what to write and so I just had a punt at a few short writing exercises. If you thought it was a bit borderline, its because it was.

I have been focusing on my Vimeo accounts where I have at least one collaboration with a local photographer who has an incredible stock of photos including aircraft, navy and pictures of southwest UK.

The other thing is I have found quite a few blocks on WordPress not working, which I reported to the Happiness Team and am still waiting for further updates. Including:


See above the Github Scenario on my blocks issues.

Anyone else had problems with premium blocks on WordPress? Please get in touch on sophiecoopersports@gmail.com


Role Models Part Two

Ok I was thinking about the Olympics of 2012, and then what came to mind straight away was….

Oscar Pistorius and that awful case where he shot an intruder/his girlfriend.

The Russians and their urine swapping techniques which fooled the doping regulators.

olympic figure
Photo by Frans Van Heerden on Pexels.com

Lows of Black Culture

I wanted to have a try to write on something that I sometimes find contradictory, which is some really bad role models in Black culture. Starting off with…

R. Kelly – basically used his fame in music as a vehicle for domestic sexual aggression including with minors. No way now that anyone at all would call this man a role model.

50 Cent, my sister loved him. But he was a bit crummy really. He had loads of muscles and lots of money and then…. his career plateaued and he lost all his money somehow….

I wanted to try to convey is you can’t generalise people by race or type, there are good and bad people everywhere. We hope for good role models and we hope to be decent to ourselves and our communities.

Saw a BAME teenager verbal assaulting a bus driver, calling the bus driver ‘fatty fatty boom boom’. I wish that teenager knew references to bad taste jokes from Little Britain are banned now AND due to the BLM its been removed from Netflix and so also the actors have apologised for the scripts.

It is patronising to describe all people who define by any category as one thing or another. I’ve met people who are LGBTQI who are totally unique and have almost nothing in common with another person who is LGBTQI.

These are really important questions to ask…if you dare to….


R Kelly – get a job somewhere where other people don’t have to meet him

50 Cent – duet with Christina Aguileria


Another lockdown????

I’m sure that no one wants another lockdown, but how is everyone feeling about the rising rate of COV-19?

It was surprising to see that my age group is more affected and also 18-25s.

Plus it seems that COV-19 is in our community now, not just a problem for the residential care homes.

grocery cart with item
Photo by Oleg Magni on Pexels.com

How COV-19 anxious are you?

And if you aren’t, should you be?

I’m just trying to keep doing those things that are recommended, like wearing a face mask, sanitising my hands and looking after my personal wellbeing.

adventure beautiful boardwalk bridge
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

What are your go to strategies, when you feel stressed, worried or anxious?


There’s a new way to pay…..welcome to Facebook Pay

I took a few days breather to wait for some inspiration and then… there it was.

Facebook Pay Image 1
A Screenshot of Facebook Pay as of 10/09/2020

It’s a new option to pay through Facebook.

Facebook Pay, would I use it?

It looks like its mostly reliant on PayPal to create the payments and not the Libra which was originally created. I can add a bank card and adjust my security settings.

Would my bank refund me if there was an accidental payment created on Facebook Pay? I’m not sure.

It’s pretty ok, I liked the choice of currencies. I was trying to help some friends in the Facebook Circles Nairobi to fundraise. Potentially it cuts out the middle man for me to be able to transfer funds from a UK bank abroad.

Anyone know what the actual flut is a Facebook star? I mean is it money or to do with trust? What the actual flutt?


Heroes on Instagram

Ashton Court Balloon Fiesta 2017

Incredible pictures of Bristol in past and present times

If you are interested in travel to or within the UK, Bristol certainty has plenty to offer.

It’s a great place to meet other creative people and go for coffee. Thank you again to @bristolpeter2016 on Instagram for providing some excellent photos again.

One of my creative projects mixing a monologue in a northern accent with a pop song which you’ll be familiar with.

Intermittent access

If you are enjoying Superkey’s World and want to get in touch directly please use this form.

I was once told I had damaged the business I worked for. My manager told me five or so things I did according to him and I got in trouble for them.

Funny thing is I hadn’t really done any of it at that point. It was only after I left the business I did the things I’d been assumed guilty of.

If I was found guilty of things I did in the future before they happened, isn’t it abit like Minority Report?

Some people I met lately who were about five years younger say they find messaging apps intermittent including online dating messaging.

I don’t find the internet intermittent. But perhaps those people do, or think it is because of something paranormal. Or maybe they wanted to avoid me or perhaps the internet is intermittent for some and not others .

And what if my manager caused me to do those five things by interrogating me and suggesting them?


Not possible to sell all this creativity to my local council

It continues to not be possible to sell any of this creative work and entrepreneurship to my local council. At least I’m still enjoying my projects πŸ˜ƒ

I know why….I can’t access the funding myself….because I’m a one person entrepreneur. So this looks like I would be too small an enterprise to take on their work.

I mean what happened if I got run over by a bus or disappeared somewhere?

My dad said try not to worry about the funding as my efforts to keep afloat are helping me fill the gap between unpaid creative content and projects.

Plus apparently alot of people aren’t really that into our local council right now including a few local police officers who agreed with that view and friends of the family who work there also feeling depressed by the current situ.


When you finally find what’s beautiful

When you finally find two items who were perfect for each other.
A quick demonstration

I found both items seperately on different occasions. The iPod woke up with some power inputted and golly it has 440 songs on it. Wowsers.


The quick shortcut to success.

Let me tell you all about my course called, “how to find the shortcut to success.”

First lesson is …. Up to you to find out some quick shortcut ways to success.

Mysterious ways to success

Now get out of here and find me those quick fix solutions.

Problem: unwanted desktop monitor. Solution: purchased at a small price by a gentleman sending equipment to Africa.
Problem: I put an unusual software on which turns things purple.
Sold to a University of Bristol student who fixed it and kept it.

She’s gorgeous and will show you this tapping technique which is similar to a negative thought challenge.

EFT Tapping Mastery


Some incredible pictures taken by the lovely Pete my fellow Instagram photography friend.

His Instagram handle is @bristolpeter2016

Pete was one of the early individuals to connect online through a marketing campaign I ran on Instagram in 2018 to find talented folks in Bristol with creative interests.


Black Panther star passes

I purchased some Black Panther figure characters to sell on eBay. I added a tribute to Chadwick Boseman in the description. I updated the listing to be described as Marvel Black Panther Titan Series not just a Infinity Wars character.

Black Panther

He had his own film for pete’s sake the earlier listing implies he was part of a group. Let’s let the star rest with the achievement of the full feature film. It was very brave to do all the filming when he was living with stage 3 cancer. 😭

They go live tonight at 10pm.


Trump’s small hands push TikTok CEO into leaving

A comedy artist impersonating the President

Whatever Trump said he was trying to do to stifle the endless mocking videos created by Americans and world citizens….he succeeded in unsettling the new CEO.

Kevin Mayer resigned four months into taking the job, citing the change in the political landscape as the reason.

In his defence, the job he took as a step on from Disney was expanding global sales for TikTok.

The role turned into opponent in the ring against Trump
Stop making fun of me
Oh heck, losing to this clown

I don’t need any hibiscus seeds thanks

People are usually happy when they receive a parcel.

But I didn’t even order anything. Not that I remember.

I hope it’s not someone trying to inflitrate Bristol with new species of plant seeds.

I don’t need or want any hibiscus seeds thank you and I’ll pass on the webcam.


I signed all of them

I read an article today that said the Robinhoods of Britain may have provided a valuable and effective boost to the economy.

Robinhoods referred to people who frantically tried to trade their way through the economic slowdown following the lockdown.

I have a Redmi Smartphone which adds it’s logo at the corner of every picture I take. Alot of my work during lockdown was product photography for Facebook Marketplace and Gumtree.

Now endless photos filled the internet locally and I know which mine are, because most people don’t own a Redmi Smartphone.


The psychology behind migrant vs border policing

In 2010 I did immigration in reverse and ran away, ending up in Dover for a 48 hour period until I rang my parents. I think I was reported missing. I looked out at the sea and decided that without my passport I wasn’t going to get to Calais. Following this dad picked me up and we went home.

I have seen the borders issue become more tense as those wishing to seek asylum in UK have been threatening to jump into the water unless the coast guards rescue them.

I think there is a real struggle with how to make more of these attempts to cross unsuccessful and now to deter new people attempting the life risking channel gap.

As a carer I get told alot that the individual is empowered to make decisions for themselves even if they include risk of harm or detriment to themselves.

If a person cannot discern the risk then safeguarding kicks in and he or she is given a buffer of support to steer things in their best interest.

If a migrant says they will jump ship and drown themselves unless they are rescued are we allowed to let them fulfil their will?

If we rescue everytime are we putting more in peril in future if the channel crossing is perceived as viable?

And finally I want to say that these things become a business as people fleeing their country are sometimes able to buy routes in. If they can’t buy their safety to UK, might they be better off waiting in France?


BLM in the courts and in sports this weekend

praying man looking up
Photo by Luis Quintero on Pexels.com

There was a disparity between the choice of footballers on the same team about whether to complete the kneel in recognition of BLM.

One footballer who didn’t and remained standing said he supports equality of opportunities and treatment for all cultures and races but he didn’t agree with some of the disruptiveness which happened on some of the BLM campaign trails.

man wearing black officer uniform
Photo by Rosemary Ketchum on Pexels.com

And summarising another article, I read that it could be difficult to get a conviction for murder on the police officers. Although manslaughter was the likely minimum.

There were two autopsies and one suggested that drugs in GFs body and a heart condition could have contributed to his death, obviously not entirely. Whereas one record of death completely ruled out drugs in GFs system as having an influence over the tragic death that occurred.

I hope the process of administering justice goes as well as it can, to enable society to heal.

And I want people who read my writing to gain knowledge of the intricacies which can make what seems a straightforward case more difficult to solve or resolve.


Animated Bristol

I had to cramm in all I could ever want from FX Master app on my freezer trial so as I took lunch and coffee with some friends I also shot some more scenes.

And just to reassure you, these are superimposed visuals I don’t want to get done by Bristol Council although interestingly enough the local authority don’t seem to be into Superkey.

My audience as well as loyal followers and diehard bloggers seems to be 1.3 Americans for every Brit.

When I ran a poll on my Twitter account about who will win the election the results so far were 100% Trump. But when my friends ask me to talk about British news and politics I say I read The Times digital everyday to keep up with things. Including fire safety training and compliance.


Carers sacked for stealing in Bristol

time for change sign with led light
Photo by Alexas Fotos on Pexels.com

I want to unpack something that can become sensationalised or over simplified.

In Bristol the Council recently dismissed carers who were stealing benefits money from disabled persons who had recently passed.

But what are the more subtle ways disabled people are robbed from opportunities to spend their money?

  • Lack of financial appointees can make it hard for the disabled person to spend more more diversely such as ordering online if they can’t already do it .
  • Difficulties presented by reduced intelligence can make it hard for an individual not fall for marketing ploys of corporation like special deals in attractive in store displays
man pushing a woman sitting on wheelchair
Photo by Streetwindy on Pexels.com

What about the carers? In my last Council Tax paper bulletin our Mayor said that carers will be able to claim council tax reduction.

When I contacted the customer services at the Council I found this only applies to carers caring for family members in the same home.

I thought I might have been able to show employment record receipts to be eligible for a council tax reduction.

I didn’t go into depth to read the article but I want more to be done to support workers on low pay scale jobs and more support to help disabled people access digital learning if they wish to.


Sort out your life and your rice πŸ˜‹

I actually really like Asian people, especially when the humour is this sharp. I guess for me it does push the boundaries of a stereotype. Just because he’s Asian will be expect a rice cooking lesson. What the hell his gadget reminds me of my CD player. Awh now I just want to cuddle him even though I’m lesbian. I’ll make room for him. I feel so bad for him. That was great rice therapy .


Tik Tok First Video

Superkey’s first Tik Tok

A friend at St Mungo’s in Bristol suggested doing a Tik Tok during lockdown.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

It was not too difficult as I already had saved video content to use.

  • Tik Too allows you to add fun colour themes
  • And headings
  • You usually need 60 seconds of video for Tik Tok
  • Successful Tik Tok profilers include Olly Murs doing a random dance to Taylor Swift in the bathroom whilst squeezing his lockdown tummy.
  • 🌈 and the trending….’is my best friend gay kiss and find out attempts’
Getting creative πŸ˜ƒ

Don’t give up on me babe

A Mitsubishi car dreaming of the road and racing.

Don’t Give Up on Me, Baby
Don’t, don’t give up on me, baby
Though we’ve seen shaky times
There’s still solid ground to be found
I said, don’t, don’t give up on me, baby
Though I may seem strong
It’s only because you’re around.
You know me better than I do
You know how things go to my head
I said a few things to you
Things that were better left unsaid
But don’t, don’t give up on me, baby
‘Cause you know I love you, and I always, always will.


Alex loves Alex β€οΈπŸ’™

A peak into the lives of Alex and Alex a famous Philippines Lesbian Couple

We can see the attention to emotional well-being and care for one and each other’s personal wellness routines in their daily timetable.

When is a relationship official?

I like the way Alex says that it becomes really clear when a crush becomes two way or mutual and two people go from dating to giving themselves more fully to each other at the same time.

Their wedding was beautiful and very high viewing figures on YouTube. Perhaps it was the perfect wedding for many viewers.
Holy Cow what on earth has happened?

Alex is joining the military and other Alex is staying at home.

Alex wants to develop herself more fully by becoming a military lady. I hope the couple are able to make the best of this season in their lives.



Last year Coldplay released their album with a choice not to tour due to environmental responsibility.

This song was one of my favourites last year and sums up so brilliantly something I feel the Black Lives Matters movement has sought to address.

Its going to be almost impossible to know what images to include in this article to convey the feeling.

The foxes in the music video are depicting under privileged, disadvantaged communities with lack of opportunities.

Let’s finish with this gallery image from London.
A track from my friend when I was in a bad place myself in 2010.

How to convince others of your poshness by how you speak

Posh words; marvelous, literally, having to endure, an awlful lot, so wonderful, how they do it, I don’t know. Marvellous just thinking about it.

A video recording spoken in proper English dialect.

Words to avoid; who’s the hardest of yer all, need an odd job doin, smoke ups, druggy farm, three babys, don’t look at me ***##

Song to smoke to like πŸ‘»πŸ˜ŽπŸ’«

McDonald’s achieves it’s ambitious climate change goal.

Quietly with no fan fare, today McDonald’s achieves it’s environmentally friendly ambitious goal of sending no waste to landfill. 🌸🌻

It achieved it by being closed.

Well done McDonald’s Bristol

Can’t see any celebration happening? πŸ€”


Watch yourselves and your loved ones for signs of psychosis during lockdown.

I was in my final year and uni and moved further away from the rest of the student residential flats. I was living with some similar age female friends at church.

Pyschosis mine occurred aged 21

It’s a mix of intrusive thoughts, narratives even in one’s head that make it hard to feel grounded or like normal.

I had a Community Psychiatric Team support me from my parents house after I stopped being able to effectively manage life away from my family support network.

I couldn’t seem to do what I needed. If went to a shop for some cheese and after 35 minutes of umming I would arrive back to my rented accommodation with some Turkish delights and rye bread. 😬😳

Exercise is a great natural mood enhancer
Applying myself mentally and intellectually has shown mental health improvements regularly for me.

Pride and Pleasure and Prejudices

Mr Darcy

He gives off such a bad first impression.

Lizzie does the rounds she finally gets the proper descriptions of Darcy and why he behaves differently from the first charming favourites like Wickham.

A walk with a gentleman πŸ˜‰

As she finally speaks to more people to seek their opinion of Darcy she finds there is more good in him than wrong.

It might seem like an old series perhaps best left on a shelf. But as we all try to find work and attend interviews. It’s easy to be fooled by a performance first impression which doesn’t last the way someone with better character can offer. It’s included now on Netflix. πŸŒ›

My happy place to be with music for now

Christian message confuses on the COV-19 front

Christian celebrity preacher Kenneth Copeland has confused the hell out of people who now claim he is spreading disinformation.

From what I can see he has been doing things that are considered normal during normal circumstances. Like praying for what we want to happen by praying that we believe in it and it has already happened .

Unfortunately this is extremely confusing for the majority of people recieving their information who will not have the conditioning of church cultural heritage to understand it’s a type of prayer.

Please continue in your peaceful prayers, thoughts or absence of a religion whilst we all seek to support ourselves and our fellow man during COV-19.

For example if I wanted to own my own flat and believe it’s in line with God’s will I might pray “Thank you Lord that I have my new home Amen” to encourage myself towards this goal.

I hope anyone praying in this way will, like me, comprehend that my new flat is not here yet, but by encouraging myself I can work towards my goal with my faith as a tool.


Work from home during your period?

Apologies male subscribers but maybe it’s ok to hijack the blog today to discuss women’s issues.

I went to the TedX Bristol talks in 2018 and there was a lady called Bex Baxter talking about how she empowered her co-workers to schedule work from home days during their monthly cycle.

We were all slightly skeptical about if it could work, but since COV-19 there’s been more focus on homeworking.

Perhaps the suggestion that a few home days during your period could help women maintain productivity and personal wellness wasn’t too far from the truth today?


Can’t get your shopping, lost view of your money, can’t pass your test at work?

I’m sorry to break it to you, but it’s often because the software product isn’t working like it should be.

You can chat to an agent about it on hold and if you catch them in a relaxed home working mode they might let slip…..

“it’s not been working, no our bank won’t load on Chrome, the two services weren’t connecting, yars….yep ….the food order IS gone….”

Some technical muck up.

Ooops sorry.

If you could JUST help me find the person who knows the person who recruits in your digital presence section I will be able to apply for a role in fixing some basic essentials on the internet like Google, bank investments and new food delivery posh companies.


Unlock your business potential with expert coaching.

I’m part of an entrepreneurship network called Women Mean Biz and We Mean Biz During lockdown I had the chance to meet much more of the network (through VIRTUAL meetings) and gain access to presentations by expert business coaches.

AboveBeyond Performance Coach Fenella

As we try to get back to work slowly as our government officials advise us …. perhaps this is a time you might want help from a business NLP coach.

  • Individual coaching available
  • NLP and team coaching available
  • Track record of satisfied customers.

It’s such an opportunity, if business owners want to… to seek experienced help getting back to work.



Maybe if we can get back to work right when it’s time, then we can become better businesses, professionals and deliver quality services sooner.

Superkey’s musings
A message from Philippa Constable of the business network groups.

Falling in love with last year

I was looking back on the year before the COV-19 disaster. And I’m going to call it one. Mostly none of the businesses were covered by insurance that would pay out on a virus.

It’s been the most punishing of years I’ve ever lived through.

Thank God and my lucky stars for an enormous amount of blessings in sickness and health what can I say….

I was looking back at the year before and thinking…. I’m so glad I did the things I could when I could 😊.

Building a relationship with my dad where we plan ideas and projects together has been so rewarding.
I moved through several jobs to finding opportunities to develop Outreach Support roles.


Want to see a Superkey’s World in 2021……

I’ve been working to explore fundraising methods. And after submitting several entries to Facebook Hackathons I’m focusing on the networking opportunities and trying to look for ways to fund my online work.

Join 381 other subscribers.


Shaken, stirred and pressed the possibility of an app.

I have been working online with some amazing technical support at AppPresser to try to bring you Superkey’s World the app.

First menu and colour design

Free Mobile Phone Ringtone

Set as ringtone


Everybody’s content is being ripped here for the mutual and virtual benefit of the world. If you appear on this site in word, thought or content deed it is because I love your work and because due to emotionally challenging times all copyright is being purged for the sake of ….. waiting for an inbox about any incidental copying concerns.


Women Mean Biz networking groups are now available online

I joined a women’s business network as the final part of my Future Bright careers plan in 2019. With the sudden need to isolate onself, Philippa the owner has adjusted in a few days to all network meetings being hosted on Zoom call.

Please visit http://www.womenmeanbiz.co.uk if you want to enquire about a one off trial meeting or a month subscription to all remote working video conferencing calls and webinars.

Now available in 100% virtual meetings

I enjoy working with other smart, professional and helpful female entrepreneurs. πŸ΅οΈπŸ˜ƒπŸ₯³