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Vacancy: Full Time Miner.

Miner’s report

Please download and enjoy my radio show episode 2 seems to be trending with Bristol workers getting ready for the drive home 🙂 –

Pilot Episode of Sophie Coopers FM discusses Autism, Bitcoin and Robot love 🙂
Drive time with sophiecoopers FM
Listener Question answered: ‘why is Sophiecoopers so sporty?’
Listener Question 2: How many Sophiecoopers are there? – Encryption password protected sample site, password is shape. 19/7/19

My LinkedIn  I used my LinkedIn to meet and work with new people from around the world like and

YouTube will help you learn anything including social psychology
I feel happy when I watch these amazing dancers in sync

I have a creative arts management degree from The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts

Digging to save the world. Research is the purpose of this website to help myself and others 🙂
A dad and daughter project This is the latest winter fashion exhibition from the Victoria & Albert in London.

Hair appeal
Swipey McSwipe Face
  • Apps for networking and growth – Shapr – you log in with your LinkedIn and swipe to match professionals who can help you meet your goals or you can offer to mentor others.
  • Apps for dating; I won’t look down on Tinder swipers as I did it myself but I recommend OkCupid now to my friends as its more personality based. You will be more likely to meet a like-minded individual. 🙂 ….. and don’t forget that friendship is part of most long lasting relationships as well as romantic intimacy….

Who to follow on Facebook, Instagram as well as me or on Tumbler!

  • Want some spiritual support not advice about what to do? Call UCB prayerline on 01782 363000. I think also that you can listen to Holy texts like the Quran online.

Future Bright is a careers progression service which you may be eligible for if you meet their entry criteria and are over 19 years old.

You harness your attention so that what you focus on grows and hopefully your perspective becomes more positive. Sophie Cooper 2019

I recommend also bespoke coaching and recently I have had the pleasure of meeting Robin Waite.

Train yourself so that even your weaknesses are unbeatable – unbelievably massive free training website… below click on mooc

Best Sunflower Dance

My favourite song:

When about 5 people have a right of way how to manoeuvre successfully to avoid minor bumps or being set off course.

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