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Cyber Security

If you decide to try Amazon Prime, you could just try it for the video streaming. Here’s a year’s worth of my favourites. And it won’t even cost you any delivery as its streamable.

***Please note content changes and also that a lot of the superhero blockbusters won’t feature on Amazon or Netflix.***

The Walk – The happy Twin Towers story, when they were first built a daring young man attempts a tightrope walk across them.

Jumper – We have a super-teenager-hero who can jump instantly anywhere in the world. As he learns his powers Samuel L Jackson tries to contain him.

Want a lesson in law (not for the faint hearted)

  • R Kelly documentary – historically recording his sexually inappropriate behaviour which was masked within his career
  • Oscar Pistorius – how in court the panel were having to assess whether he was the super human he portrayed in the media or the vulnerable victim?
  • Amanda Knox – how the truth is never found, two equally possible realities could solve the case…one of them is boring…one is a sexually motivated murder.

More upbeat: Pentatonix Tour, The Jonas Brothers Docu-Movie.

Pay to view: Supergirl the series staring Clarista Flockhart.

Viewed and written by Superkey @superkey_ on Instagram and @sophiecoopers on Twitter

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