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1980s song : All I need is a miracle

K pop song for world

Oasis electronic mash up

Sophia’s Electronic Beat


Cyber Security

Cyber Security

If you decide to try Amazon Prime, you could just try it for the video streaming. Here’s a year’s worth of my favourites. And it won’t even cost you any delivery as its streamable.

***Please note content changes and also that a lot of the superhero blockbusters won’t feature on Amazon or Netflix.***

The Walk – The happy Twin Towers story, when they were first built a daring young man attempts a tightrope walk across them.

Jumper – We have a super-teenager-hero who can jump instantly anywhere in the world. As he learns his powers Samuel L Jackson tries to contain him.

Want a lesson in law (not for the faint hearted)

  • R Kelly documentary – historically recording his sexually inappropriate behaviour which was masked within his career
  • Oscar Pistorius – how in court the panel were having to assess whether he was the super human he portrayed in the media or the vulnerable victim?
  • Amanda Knox – how the truth is never found, two equally possible realities could solve the case…one of them is boring…one is a sexually motivated murder.

More upbeat: Pentatonix Tour, The Jonas Brothers Docu-Movie.

Pay to view: Supergirl the series staring Clarista Flockhart.

Viewed and written by Superkey @superkey_ on Instagram and @sophiecoopers on Twitter

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