It’s difficult to be a tourist in your own city, I managed it, by visiting the MShed and seeing Colston lying down in their warehouse. On returning home from work I saw the car park with it’s twisting down lanes. It made me think about the clean air zone. It’s coming in this summer. The M32 seems to be included. So anyone who wants to travel into the shopping centre or for restaurants and other entertainment will be fined, if their car isn’t clean enough.

I was once asked on a date whilst traveling down the spirally loop in someone else’s car.

I’m crap at cars, I find them too stressful. And when I had one, the garage used to charge me too much. And I accidentally knocked someones car in the car park, and they took me to the cleaners for it.

Sometimes I feel sorry for myself, being a woman, having had these difficulties, was I fleeced by the garage and the car owner who claimed alot on his part, for a small scrape.