New to Newport

What I usually do is spend money in local shops and do lots of walking so I can program myself mentally about where I am.

I feel like the statue, looking around me!

Shopping from highest price to lowest price order:

Esso garage £16 for 5-6 grocery items, Local newsagent £5.50 coffee, sandwich and soap, Polish superstore bleach cleaning bottle, uht milks, yogurts, crisps and about the same price Lidl £13 on veg, fruit, snacks and meal in a box salad.

Favourite walk, across the Transporter bridge 🙂

Looking over to Newport city centre from the bridge
On the bridge

Was it easy to make friends? Was I able to keep up my eBay small business?

A hard working work mate who does care and support for adults with mental health and learning disabilities.

It is tiring having to think more about everything. It took me a long walk to reach a parcel box and I felt abit wobbly on day three at being away from my home. However the experience so far has been great and I am pleased to know Newport better.

Newport not ideal for quick shipping options with Royal Mail only about four parcel drops in the entire city.

Men and women’s lives inner city short stories

Hullo sir, I said. Please can I have some women’s period pads? The man looked at me and said, ‘you can get them’, they are just there on the shelves. It looked like they were in the contraband section of the cigarettes and other items served by the newsagent.

Sure enough I found there was a thin isle way which I was able to walk through and crouch down to buy the period pads.

I had abit of a joke with the male cashier, about how it’s every mans worst nightmare, being asked to be involved in purchasing period products.

On my walk back, whilst eating my value chocolate bar, I saw three men, stood behind a white van, which I assume obscured the CCTV in the area, they looked like they were doing some swap of something. I assumed, maybe drugs, and carried on walking.

I arrived home and I’d asked for some black scribbling on the wall to be removed. And the council got rid of my nice stickers too.

I rang the council and a friendly lady answered, although she sounded Scottish which confused me because I was phoning Bristol. She sent me the link to the complaints page.

And at work today, two staff walked into our office saying they needed a ball for the physio exercises. I threw one away last time that was badly broken. Maybe no one ordered a fresh one. I told the manager as she came in, to sort out the folder in the storage cupboard. Urm and ahh she said, then agreed, if the staff keeps telling other staff who aren’t authorised to buy items for the clients, then we will never get a new ball. She said she’ll try to order one, having listened to my suggestion (from other staff who wouldn’t say to the person who could order one).

A large red paint brush was out on the table unattended. ‘Quick’ I said, ‘someone get it’, ‘before someone else picks it up and it’s all over my coat’.

Another lady said, don’t do other people’s jobs, it’s Tanecka’s job to put away the paint activity.

Keeping my distance safely away from the table I managed the complete the day.

Achieving – some value chocolate bars, period stuff.

Losing – stickers, my temper briefly about the stickers

Trying to look for the ball

Held onto the cleanliness of the coat.

Didn’t do a citizen’s arrest of the suspected drug dealing. Well isn’t drug busting a man’s job? Or at least more stress than I can deal with in one walk home and day at work.

Rishi and his dishy management scheme.

Small and medium-sized businesses are the backbone of our economy, creating jobs and prosperity across the United Kingdom. That’s why we’re introducing Help to Grow, a scheme that will give them the tools they need to innovate, grow and help drive our recovery from coronavirus. The first part of this scheme is called Help to Grow: Digital. We’re creating a new, online hub that will offer free advice on what tech will best help SMEs save time, money and help them grow.

As part of Help to Grow: Digital, eligible SMEs will also be given vouchers to get up to 50% off the purchase of new productivity enhancing software worth up to £5,000 each. Research shows that technology can increase sales by around 18% per employee over the course of three years.Our Help to Grow: Management programme will give 30,000 SMEs access to world-class business expertise on everything from financial management to marketing. Dozens of our leading business schools across the country will offer 50 hours of tuition with one-to-one support from a business mentor.

In fact, there’s evidence to suggest that even small improvements in management practices can lead to 10% increases in productivity. Help to Grow will fuel our Plan for Jobs and boost productivity in all corners of the UK and turbocharge our economic recovery.Register your interest now at

One idea I had, creating a special effects studio in my home using TikTok style filters and video editing app tools.
Another idea creating Segway practice zones and videos of adults with flame effects you have to put all your attention on managing to balance. So it helps you to de-stress.