Job vacancy – Leisure Centre Operator

in 2011 to 2013 I had a part funded start up business as a sports and leisure coach. This involved having about three main employers which I worked for on a zero hours contract basis. I received New Enterprise Allowance from the Job Centre and there was a great sports development department at the council at the time.

Modelling the 2013 kit for GCB.

At the time, other business ideas seemed to be things like cupcake baking businesses.

I used to really enjoy sports coaching and I supported adults at the Bristol Active Life Project as a freelance coach in basketball, football, badminton and cricket. By 2014 in the summer, the extra help to keep my business on track had dried up and so I submitted my tax return with the small loss I finished with, and started another pathway as a retail assistant at Debenhams.

The Olympics was a great source of inspiration for me.
This is a video which covered the Street Cricket project I was involved in as freelance coach.

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