Jury trial for Colston Statue Toppling

A 2019 TedX Talk in Bristol which references difficult statues and monuments in USA and UK.

This week the trial begins to judge the four organisers of the status toppling in Bristol.

We have a black mayor which is great for role models, although he also comes up with some unrealistic projects to focus on like creating a London style underground in Bristol.

I just want things to go well for our city, so it can continue to be a place where all lives are matter, and differences valued, not erased or over focused on.

My thoughts on true equality are helping people have a level playing field in life.

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Give us your deets, let me save you money with this safety notice

City Car

Smaller newer cars, have a much shorter stopping distance than vans, all kinds of vans, even car/vans. And the vans carrying workman’s tools. They take twice the distance to brake as a city car.

Save yourself some Christmas hassle and …

Keep your distance on the road this winter as well any covid safety measures.
white trailer on grassy shore
Photo by Rachel Claire on Pexels.com

Who wants to be spending their Xmas bonus on a minor car collision when you could be investing in the latest portable sauna?!!!!

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Spies in Bristol? Not as daft as you might think

It was very obvious in 2020 when the Chinese population of Bristol left. Because, quite simply, it became very rare to see anyone with a Chinese or Japanese face. Which are characteristically different from the Caucasian one.

Lot of building works, and then new flashy students accommodation opened.

The Times has this morning (13/09) reported claims that the Chinese tech company Huawei has successfully ‘infiltrated’ a research centre at the University of Cambridge. It is suggested that three of the four directors at the Cambridge Centre for Chinese Management (CCCM) have ties to the Chinese tech firm; and, the centre’s so-called chief representative, Yanping Hu, is supposedly a former senior Huawei vice-president.

In particular, the Times reports that Hu is “entitled to a special allowance” from the Chinese State Council. Purportedly described on the Chinese version of the CCCM’s website as head of Huawei’s Hua Ying Management training centre, the University of Cambridge denied Hu’s involvement in CCCM, a department in the Cambridge Judge Business School, in response to a Freedom of Information request by the Times, claiming that he is not currently providing services or resources to them and has never done so.

The Times claims that all references to Hu have been removed from CCCM’s website since they approached the University.

Is it unreasonable, to wonder, just how much has been traded off, in terms of research and intellectual property, to China, and plausible even, that Bristol University may be vulnerable to Chinese Government spying.

The planning officer who passed the third building for students within 0.5 miles of my flat said, “I don’t think there will be an over concentration of students in St Pauls”.

It’s worrying that the individuals weighing up the pros and cons for approving developer plans are either stupid or CARELESS and stupid to the security risks, of it being brought up by China.

We desperately need more funding, and not to ignore risks to security of our research at Bristol university, if we keep welcoming the higher fee paying students.

A screenshot of an article which ran in Bristol Post in October 2017.





Local councillor Mike Davies said: “I don’t want this development to happen, the community doesn’t want this to happen.”

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