My experiences becoming, or trying to, a care manager

  • Asked if I wanted to do my level 5 and I said yes.
  • Had a session where me and the other coworker studying were asked to evaluate our own learning styles.
  • My assessor visited me on site.
  • Another assessor drove miles to see me and said “a registered manager implements things”.
  • The assessor drives down but I was on shift an hour away and the office personnel told the assessor to go home.
  • My job fell through.
  • Tried to join a Facebook group about registered managers.
  • Was told am not allowed in the Facebook group.
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Local Eviction Protest and Party

I left the block at 6am to get to work. Saw a council worker arrive and cones put onto all our parking spaces.

He said the council is suspending the parking for three days.

What happened was people moved the cones onto the pavement.

It feels like a strange way to spend the council’s money.

Then the council replied to say it was because they are working with Vodaphone on something so the parking needs to be suspended.

Probably something to do with 5G and radioactive telecoms.