Carnival in St Pauls

I read this week, that Bristol University is chartering flights from Hong Kong and China to make sure its highest fee paying students get enrolled.

And given we have had approx 1000 more student rooms added within 3 minutes walk from my front door. That’s a whole load more youngsters nearby.

The person consulting on the planning permission said ‘there won’t be an over-concentration of students in the area’.

I guess they are either stupid or don’t mind lying.

There was an off shoot of St Paul’s carnival blasting out down the road this weekend. I wish these things could be made into headset discos.

Then I might have the choice about whether I want to join in with celebrating rasta culture, rather than just having a vibrating house.

Have you been to a Carnival? The one in Bristol or in other cities? Share your experiences in a comment if you’d like to say hi 🙂

Where’s Charlie Dimmock, Craig Doyle and Christian Slater?

I remember saying to a friend that I’ve decided I’m gay. She replied ‘they don’t make men these days like they were in the nineties’.

Do you ever sit there wondering what to browse on your phone? There are some fascinating articles written about our past heart throbs from the nineties. And what has become of them!!!

Painful noise stress

One thing I have not been able to escape this pandemic as well as covid, is noise stress.

Especially drilling into concrete.

I’ve been to Bath, Wells and all round Bristol and Somerset. Each time there’s someone doing a building project outdoors which involves sawing into tarmac, or stonework.

I even had it outside my door for ten days in August.

I brought these ear defenders, they just take the loudest parts of the sound down in volume and make it a little harder to follow the conversation.

I hope as well as being annoying that it’s not causing irreversible hearing damage. Although I just don’t know.