Right to Buy Right to Acquire

I was wondering if any readers in the UK would be prepared to share their experiences of right to buy and shared ownership.

I’ve been researching these terms as well as who it is that controls the housing market and its regulation.

I’m really concerned that principles of shared ownership which were in existence in 2015-2018 have been deleted somehow from what is being offered to you me and many of us who are key workers.

These are past help to buy shared ownership features

  • Discount (repayable if you sell within the first 5 years)
  • access to buy the local housing association home you live in, if you lived there longer than 5 years

Here are current shared ownership features

  • Able to buy a home newly built for you
  • No discount offered on price
  • The house, is new, so often on the higher range of the local market rate
  • Leases with 99 years or less available

Did you know that the maximum lease length is 999 years not 99 years?

Do you think a new building is worth more or is an older building worth more?

Attached the original document I was given about purchasing the property from my landlord.

Yours Sincerely, Officer Clithero

I got my final reply from the Housing Ombudsman service although the name Clitheroe made me wonder if that was a such jab back at me for irritating them with my right to buy case.

white framed glass window
Photo by Pedro Figueras on Pexels.com

Then there’s the really weird football thing, where three black players all missed their penalties which resulted in England losing the match.

So I decided to include a throwback excerpt when it mattered if you messed up during a high profile match.

And you probably would have changed your name if you were called Clitheroe.