Why an online magazine?

In 2005 at The Liverpool Insitute for Performing Arts, my first year project was to work in a team to create a magazine. We had a start up budget of around £200, and in the team we sold advertising and created the content for Noise Magazine.

I also enjoyed reading a Christian Magazine for many years called UCB after I did a placement in 2007 at The Message Trust.

One of the other reasons for writing an online magazine, is that it’s very empowering to create your own original content, rather than just sharing someone else’s.

This is my favourite article, I was volunteering at a Nightline phone service for students and it was written by hand in the doodling book.

I had a little trouble at the end of uni graduating as I didn’t complete my dissertation, but compare myself to all the covid disruption, I think I had a good course away from home in Liverpool.

And I’ve found something I enjoy which I’m still working on fifteen years later. 🙂

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