They think it’s all over… and now it is… but does it really matter? (matt Hancock 2)

  • It was consensual
  • He might have been bored with his auburn hair Caucasian wife?
  • He couldn’t have taken her home with him, could he?

Here I am making lots of excuses for Matt Hancock.

  • Maybe he wanted some escapism from the stress of his role?

Boris said he felt Matt’s future in politics was far from over.

Given that online dating has been available throughout the lockdown.

Do you not think that a number of people have broken the rules over these things without us knowing.

  • I think his political role is in many senses over
  • He had a good success with the vaccine programme.
  • We all make mistakes

Perhaps the outcome will depend on how he follows through with his relationship with his new girlfriend.

We’re not proud of the way we got together, but we certainly are now proud to be together going forward.

Matt Hancock and Gina x

Superkey/\ handles a PPE crisis -how it went=

I decided to unfollow Pritti Patel today, she’s always going on about being hard on immigration and how much she values the police, how great they are.

Always recruiting more police officers.

During the PPE crisis, I ordered my set from AliExpress and twenty rather strong looking masks arrived. I want to stop wearing them now, the strands of metal inside are prone to poking out and scratching me.

I think these ones were more durable than the NHS ones, but I disposed of the NHS ones more frequently when I wore them which was also safer.

It’s a phone…. you use it to call people!??

Back in the day, we used our phones as phones.

These days I use mine more for checking spending trends, listening to music.

Using a phone to phone people?? What a quaint idea.

Nah it will never catch on…..