Month: May 2021

How to sort out any disagreement – stop the power running to it –

Some poorly organised Brexit deals mean we were facing a hostile French government who were annoyed, irritated even, by the worsening terms for their fishing supply chain. And the French minister reminded the residents of Guernsey that the French send power to the Island. If it wasn’t going to go their way, she implied they might switch off the supply of electricity.

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Time to Die

I guess I would say the best time to die to when you have done all the things you felt you wanted to do with your life, perhaps you set out your course in life and completed it. Its not a nice thing to dwell on, but maybe my counsellor was right, that sometimes its worth thinking about, as it could help us be more aware of the chances life gives us and determine to live our best lives. 🙂

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The Wave Surfing

TikTok – Never have to be alone

Trio of dancers

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