Cloudflare Promotion on WordPress Tested

HI I am pleased to be here on WordPress and I tried the suggested promotion Cloudflare. I am a web developer for two years.

I signed up to Cloudflare last month and followed the change over of DNS name server as per instructions.

Since I enabled Cloudflare I cannot post my links on my social media. It gives me the message 301 moved permanently.

See these examples as screenshots on Snipboard.





This is quite a complex software feature to enable on your WordPress site, and as a .com user working mostly with pre-installed software, it’s taken me beyond what I understand in terms of technical.

Top marks for stretching my experience using web development, deducting one star for not being able to resolve the social share error even after contacting WP and CF support multiple times. (possibly because no one know WTF has occurred).

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