Two hundred and forty three new houses are going to be built in Bristol next to the Gardiner Haskins commercial store. The local government ministers were pleased to finally run out of objections and decided to pass approval given that ‘the antique building which needs to be demolished, isn’t of interest to anyone these days’.

The local people mentioned the new development will create a sense of living in a goldfish bowl, as the new development will over shadow existing council homes, blocking out light and creating lack of privacy as one overlooks the other.

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First Base – represented by a women in the article, mentioned how 2000 jobs will be created and that 6000 people were consulted.

I’m worried that our local council continues to grant permission to large commercial developers to outsource the problem of housing affordability.

Which also means relinquishing control of how the project is delivered. And what benefit the average Bristolian will get from the development.

Its interesting however to see that the application is being referred externally to English Heritage for approval.

How can a city centre development be affordable housing. The existing model of shared ownership is about the same as renting. I find these schemes really pointless and the demolition of older buildings stressful.

I’m not voting for that Jones guy, said quite a few people I know, although his initials are MR.