Hugs – I wish you – xx

I forget of course that everything you post online will eventually be remade into something even weirder and hope you don’t mind this …

That was such an awful scary year last year, having a little dance in the kitchen to get oneself through is something I can be proud of. Especially with this lil nineties hit song. Maybe I should have been entered into Eurovision with the help of some mates, we would have gotten more votes I’m sure!


Gone are the days when we didn’t have to sit next to anyone
I thought we were going to be able to stay at home forever!!!!!!!!! Making videos of us singing songs with a deodorant can in our pjs.
Because we had to sell our good toys to pay the rent.
And outdoor hobbies like fishing were the only option
I was a very good mask wearer thank you

Now the bus is full of people all jabbing into each other and having to put up with someone’s baby coughing the whole way there and somebody else who had bad body odour. My life is so difficult……

Got a back to work bus story….. feel free to add it in the comments.

Pandemic Construction Trailer

I know a lot of people agree that more housing should be built, but the building trade had a lot of opportunities to keep building during the covid crisis and I kept some footage going of developments all connected to the road I live on.

Some people might think its progressing but the thing is here a complete lack of balance and lots of inconsiderate behaviour towards the local community.

Cement flour all over the road and the HGV parked on the kerb of a double yellow and the builders working in-between three housing blocks causing a triple nuisance achieved excellent by site auditors.

Do your complaining to the noisy site owners and push problems to Considerate Constructors Scheme.

The results? A very smart looking St Pauls full of new accommodation for students or investment buyers. Number of people who are Bristolians likely to benefit from it….. about 10 at a guess. Number of rooms built, probably over 300.