Month: May 2021


What have I done now, probably guilty of …. singing in my pjs making a YouTube channel during the first lockdown and why do babies scream all the way from the start to the end of the bus ride. Now the social distancing is being scrapped we have to learn to cope with each other in close proximity.

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Pandemic Construction Trailer

300 new flats built in Bristol on one road. That should be enough to help local Bristolians who want to rent or buy. Although the value this has brought to the average adult is less than expected seeing as its all in the price range of approx £200,000 or aimed at the luxury student market. Don’t forget these new buildings in St Pauls have replaced those places of community and cultural or creative value.

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Started writing in 2019 blog has been going 3 years. I do all the work on it and I hope you will enjoy it!
My Voi Scooter rating this month - April 2022 - Rookie
Camelot Guardians Bristol Case

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