Manic Mondays, Tea Tuesdays, Wobbly Wednesday, The coffee Thursday, Freedom nearly here Friday.

Monday – “I’ll see you in the office on Monday.’

Usually considered a friendly comment but for me as a shift worker, it usually means I am being summoned to the office to discuss something someone doesn’t approve of which I did on the weekend whilst the 9-5 people weren’t working unsociable hours like weekends.

Tuesday – “the day in the week when you do your dentist appointments or vaccinate your pets??”

It’s one of the days where whatever you didn’t get done on Monday has to be continued, so it’s a day of muddling through until you lose motivation.

Wednesday – “start preparing for your weekend”

If you are organised, you might start to put some feelers out about which of your friends are going to be going out this weekend, and find out where you can find the best time to be had.

Thursday – “sometimes if you are motivated, you try to re-focus on what you were supposed to have done on Monday”.

It’s usually the day when so and so who needed to respond to your query in order for you to finish you task should have replied by now. You wonder whether to reach out to this someone again.

Friday – “you might be more likely to strike a deal on this day of the week, especially if it was one you discussed on Monday’.