In September 2014 I did a suited, booted course – set by the job centre! And when I finished I got a job offer, for a Xmas temp role at Debenhams. I worked part time as a stock room assistant then kept my role at just a full day on the weekend for a year after.

As a Debenhams co-worker we were prepped for possible threats or emergency procedures, including where to hide in case of a terror attack within the store. One thing we weren’t briefed for … was the eventual closure of the store…

The home brands such as John Rocha were really rather good, and Jasper Corran. Then with brands being put inside the store, it found many ways to work with the space.

I’m glad I moved on from the job when I did, although I enjoyed it. I worry that the skills gained by the staff, might be less in demand, now that we are so committed to the one click Amazon and next day delivery.

I’d give Debenhams 5 stars, no question. 🙂 In the midst of being a failure of only being able to work part time due to health conditions, I have ultimately been a success in being part of something which is now entering history in my city. And I am one of the special folks who got the chance to sit on the very top of the building to take my breaks. The store manager had quite a tan from sitting on the rooftop, which of course made him seem more exotic and wonderful. 🙂